TOMS College of Engineering – A Futuristic Educational Approach


The Toms College Of Engineering is an affluent engineering and startup education college based in the Kottayam district of Kerala. The college offers B.Tech degrees and polytechnic courses to students from all over Kerela. Under the affiliation of AICTE and the A.P.J Abdul Kalam Technological University (KTU), the college operates under an educational and charitable trust. TOMS curriculum combines the need for soft and technical skills and prepares courses that are at par with the leading institutes of our time. The college is on the path to ranking among the Top 10 Engineering Colleges in Kerala.

TOMS College introduces the idea of entrepreneurship education and business attitude to students. Additionally, the college also goes above and beyond to train students for placement cycles.

TOMS College of Engineering leads the conversation in terms of offering futuristic and goal-focused degrees in the field of engineering and entrepreneurship. TOMS is one of the best polytechnic colleges in Kerala and is headed by its parent organization, the Visveswaraya Institute of Engineering, Since its inception in 1988, the college has transformed the lives and careers of thousands of students with its career-driven and growth-oriented degrees. The TOMS campus includes a hostel facility that offers excellent residential amenities and a home away from home for hundreds of students.

TOMS offers engineering degrees in five disciplines, namely Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, and Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE).

TOMS College of Engineering in Numbers

  • TOMS College of Engineering ranks #177 nationally on the Associate Member of the Institution of Engineers (AMIE) chart.
  • TOMS College of Engineering ranks #76 subject-wise nationally in AMAeSI charts.
  • National “Limca Book of Records” nomination for the most number of national ranks.
  • Successful admissions to 115 students in IITs and NITs.
  • Placement to 250+ alumni in public companies and govt. firms.
  • 25 years of experience with thousands of proud alumni.
  • 200+ pass-outs placed as Asst. Prof/Professors in leading educational institutions.

The Futuristic Approach to TOMS

Toms College Of Engineering For Startups has taken on a bold and controversial route to educate students in the art of early-stage entrepreneurship, business attitude, market, and customer behavior. The college was developed with the intention of providing an all-around and competent education to students that aren’t included in their typical engineering degree. TOMS curriculum, unlike other B.Tech colleges in Kerala, includes special classes that aim to integrate the idea of entrepreneurship into the mindset of engineering students. Often engineering students are pigeonholed into working just for the computer. The bubble bursts after graduation, as they enter the workforce with a lackluster attitude and zero awareness about the way businesses work. This keeps them from earning crucial and transformation life skills that are necessary for a fulfilling career.

TOMS believes that:

  • Every student deserves to learn basic marketable skills such as startup management and business orientation.
  • Not every engineering graduate wishes to have a desk job or code, but most people do need a technical degree.

The Need for Start-up Education

In today’s day and age, engineering graduates far outnumber the hiring capacity of the country. This ensures that most graduates are forced to either pursue a higher degree or settle for low-paying gig jobs. While most people aren’t meant for entrepreneurship, it is certainly an option worth accessing. Start-up education inculcates the major science of establishing a business, acquiring capital, hiring workers, and taking an enterprise to profitability.

Startups are an integral part of our economy. A significant portion of capital, resources, and public attention is diverted to them. It is wise to equip the younger generation with technical degrees about the importance of a startup and how they are operated in the real world. Startups may be small companies but they can play a significant role in economic growth. Startups create jobs, and innovative products are a recommendable career choice. Thus making startup education all the more important.

Why Choose TOMS

  1. Affordability

    TOMS stands out from the rest of the engineering colleges in Kerala because of the affordability of courses and its reach to marginal students who have been denied by the system for far too long. The budgeted degrees and flexibility of payment are an affront to large colleges that churn the wheel and mass-produce engineers without any substantial investment in their education.

  2. Wide-ranging subjects

    TOMS offers both B.Tech and polytechnic degrees that include a variety of subjects and education modules. The availability of options equips them with decisions that help them prosper ahead in their careers.

  3. Dynamic learning environment

    TOMS offers a new and unmatched learning environment based on traditional methods of teaching where skills are honed and individual talents are encouraged.

  4. Understanding faculty

    TOMS’ grand faculty is filled with trained professionals who channel their knowledge to train the next generation of engineers. consists of a selection of talented and qualified alumni and seasoned graduates who have withered the same storm as the rest of the students.

  5. Futuristic classes

    Instead of widening the shelf, TOMS doubles down on the quality of education offered by experienced faculty. The focus of the courses and the college is to train students in areas of employability, professionalism, and ethical work.

  6. Focus on employability

    TOMS is laser-focused on transforming students into professional candidates who are ripe for employment. The college leads by example and organizes placement training sessions for candidates ready to enter the market.

  7. Resume building skills

    Including in the degree is the effort to impart valuable education and skills that are beneficial in the real world. The college focuses on holding seminars and teaching schedules for students interested in computer languages, UI, UX, etc.

In Conclusion

TOMS College of Engineering is a transformative experience that takes a futuristic educational approach and is focused on developing a new cadre of trained engineers who are ready to change the world. Graduates are equipped with technical and soft skills that make them a desirable candidate for any engineering position through placement.


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