How Will Studying BBA Raise Your Career Graph?

As class 12th examinations are getting over, Arts and Commerce students face a particular dilemma in terms of what to take up at the undergraduate level. Among the various choices available, the BBA degree is one of the top ten.

Business schools in Mumbai such as UBS offer BBA in a general format and with specializations. Students go through an intense three years of theoretical and practical case study-based learning. At the end of the course, they are able to take up jobs in many sectors. BBA students, in particular, are in an advantageous position. Their career graphs are especially bright. The reason why this is so has been elaborated on below.

Benefits of studying BBA

BBA courses are opted for by many students at the undergraduate level. The reason to do so is that it offers many benefits besides career options. Some of these benefits are as below.

  • Career-focused degree: BBA degrees are professional courses that are meant to teach students about all aspects of management. Syllabuses cover both practical and theoretical classes. Students can work in several capacities in an organization and also have the right skills to do so.
  • Network: Networking is a major benefit of the BBA degree. Students interact with like-minded people and industry experts throughout the course duration. This network is particularly helpful for job searches or general tips and tricks.
  • Managerial skills: As the BBA course is a management degree, the necessary skills to work in that capacity are taught in the course. There are specific classes that teach interpersonal skills and how to communicate better while having the right body language.
  • Base for MBA: The postgraduate variant of the BBA course is the MBA degree. While students from all backgrounds can apply to the MBA course, BBA students have an easier time. This is because much of the MBA syllabus is similar to the BBA one but more advanced.
  • Job options and future scope: At graduation, students either will opt for employment or higher education. For both routes, there is no dearth of options. BBA students can work in several departments at entry-level jobs. Alternatively, they can apply to postgraduate courses like MBA or prepare for competitive exams.

BBA Jobs

To better understand the career graph of a BBA student, it is important to look over some possible jobs one can end up working as. The actual jobs individuals will end up working at will differ based on their skillset and prior work experience. However, for reference, elaborated below are some of the top job profiles that a BBA student is eligible for.

Business Development Executive: Brand Development Executives are responsible for expanding a company’s business. They will contact and talk with vendors and stores and convince them to sell the company’s products. This is primarily a sales profile and one must have strong negotiation and communication skills to succeed. Business Development Executives need to do a significant amount of research before pitching their sales. The end goal of all the efforts of the Business Development Executive is to grow the company. In India, Business Development Executives earn around INR 3,01,366 LPA.

Customer Care Representative: As companies have a large customer base, there is a need to hire professionals specifically to answer their queries and requests. The Customer Care Representative works in the Customer Care department and spends their time answering calls or emails. This is a demanding and also stressful job and one must have strong interpersonal skills for this role. Along with this experience or knowledge of the Microsoft Suite is also essential for a Customer Care Representative. In customer care, one can earn INR 2,60,483 LPA.

Marketing Associate: The Marketing department of any company is responsible to research and develop marketing campaigns to attract new customers. This is a role that requires knowledge of the latest trends in the market and creativity to come up with campaigns. The Marketing Associate is an entry-level position in the department that works under the guidance of the Marketing Manager. A lot of the initial groundwork and tracking work is handled by the Associate. Marketing Associates are offered salaries of around INR 3,91,540 LPA.

Brand Manager: Several BBA colleges in Mumbai graduates find employment in brand management. These are managers who are in charge of entire brands. They will look for ways to promote the image of the brand and ensure it is reaching more and more people. It comes under marketing where different techniques and campaigns are developed while ensuring that the overall objectives are being followed. Public messages and notices are also prepared in consultation with the Brand Manager. This role has one of the highest salaries at INR 8,86,009 LPA.

Product Management: Product management covers all aspects of manufacturing a product, from start to finish till it is available in the markets. Here, the Product Manager manages the entire lifecycle of a product. Graduates from some of the top integrated BBA MBA colleges in India end up working in product management. The manager in this role will develop a roadmap, research the market conditions, develop the product as per specifications, and test and launch it in the market. There are many more responsibilities under this role but while doing these the Product Manager earns around INR 9,93,022 LPA.

BBA Future Scope

Within the BBA career graph, many students do not opt to look for employment. In such a case, they can either look for higher education or prepare for competitive exams. A brief overview of both options is as below.

MBA: Applicants at most of the MBA colleges in Mumbai and the rest of India are BBA degree holders. This is a two-year-long postgraduate degree in business management. The course allows students to specialise in particular areas of management such as Finance, Marketing, Human Resources or Operations. Jobs are also in the higher management level of the chosen specialization. The job options and salary scale for MBA graduates increase significantly for BBA graduates.

Competitive Examinations: Students from BBA colleges in Maharashtra and India can apply for and prepare for one of the many competitive examinations after graduation. In particular, the civil services exams such as SSC CGL are a popular option. These exams allow candidates to work in different Government department jobs.

BBA courses are a popular course of choice for management aspirants. These degrees cover several subjects at one go which enables graduates to work in a variety of departments. From jobs to even higher education, a BBA degree is the way to go for a bright career trajectory.