Creative Career Options After Pursuing BA For The Artist In You!

As students, we grow up watching people around us working in a regular office job and wishing for a different career. Thankfully, today there are many career options to explore. Creative jobs, in particular, are a rather attractive prospect as individuals can work at what they enjoy doing and make an earning as well.

University in Raipur and India like Kalinga University that offer BA courses at the undergraduate level have their students working in many creative jobs. These jobs vary in terms of the industry and for most of them, one can work on both a full-time basis or as a freelancer.

Students who are about to graduate stand to gain a lot by understanding some creative jobs they can possibly apply to and work at.

Writing: Writing is one profession that can be done even if one is pursuing their study. Writers are hired at journalism and publication houses and more. Writing, here, is an umbrella term and the scope will differ depending on the industry one is working in. Writers can be hired to work full-time in companies or they can choose to work in a freelance capacity. The salary scale for writers, therefore, is quite high. Writers with enough experience can also work as editors. The salary will depend on what the writer is working at. For instance, an SEO writer earns around INR 2,46,991 LPA.

Photography: When discussing creative professions for BA students, photography would probably top the list. Visual arts have become in huge demand as more and more people are using social media. Photography like writing can allow one to explore work opportunities in many industries and work areas. Photographers can work at media houses for magazines, newspapers, etc, or on a freelance basis on a project-to-project basis. There is ample opportunity for personal events like weddings or corporate events as well. On average, Indian photographers earn around INR 3,90,028 LPA.

Interior Design: From the rather wide design industry is a popular sub-division, Interior Design. Interior Designers work with clients to design interior spaces for offices or homes. They are given a theme and a budget and all designs are made to be safe while being aesthetically pleasing. From the materials used in all interior spaces to the lighting, fabrics, and colors as well. To work in this role, one must have good listening skills to pay attention to the client’s needs and attention to design details. Whether Interior Designers work in an entrepreneurial capacity or with an interior design firm, the average salary for this role is INR 3,07,200 LPA.

Filmmaking: Filmmaking is a combination of storytelling, screenplay, direction, cinematography, and more. Filmmaking has made different roles that help move the entire wheel. One can also find several roles in the pre and post-production and the planning stage as well. BA students, firstly, would have to get experience in filmmaking for certain roles. This is a highly stressful industry and all jobs require a great deal of interaction with people. Along with communication skills, one must also be able to work quickly. Writing up reviews and critical pieces of films is also a career option worth exploring in filmmaking. Film Directions, regardless of experience, earn around INR 5,04,206 LPA in India.

Fashion Design: Another popular design job industry is Fashion Design. It primarily is concerned with the design and creation of clothing. Fashion Designers work with large fashion houses with a team of other designers. New clothes are manufactured as per new trends in the market and every season. Once a designer has some experience, they can set up their own fashion brand. Besides sewing and creativity to design the clothes, Fashion Designers must also have management skills to see a project from start to end. As per online reports, an average Fashion Designer can expect to earn around INR 3,69,933 LPA.

Graphic Design: Graphic Designers are a part of the visual design community. They help create different graphics using themes and colours to depict a particular message. Graphic designers can work in product design, branding, website design, print, publishing or animation. This is a highly creative role and one must have knowledge of colours, balance, proportion, line, shape, space etc. All graphic design work is done in a dedicated software that all prospective Graphic Designers should have expert knowledge of. Graphic Designers, like other roles in this list, can also work in a freelance capacity. Whatever the industry, the Graphic Designer is working in, they earn around INR 3,05,351 LPA.

Event Management: Private university in Chhattisgarh that offers BA courses has had past students work in event management. Event management can be defined as applying project management principles to events. These events can be both small and large scale. Event managers can exclusively work at corporate events or personal events like weddings and birthdays. People in this work role have to take on several caps and handle several works at once. For instance, the Event Manager will be planning, handling finance, talking to vendors, decorating and more. Event Managers can earn around INR 4,76,584 LPA either as a part of an event management company or as an entrepreneur.

UI/UX Design: Students from different BA college in Raipur can opt to work in UI/UX design. For this role, one could be required to gain some technical knowledge through dedicated online courses. User Interface is the process where designers create the interface of the software, mobile and other electronic devices that users look at. It is upto the UI/UX Designer to ensure that the interface is safe, pleasant to use and free from errors. UI/UX Designers either work in teams or alone from project to project. Students should know software like Adobe to work in this role. Companies offer average salaries of INR 6,12,649 LPA to UI Designers.

Advertising: Advertising is a part of marketing, where individuals are creating plans and campaigns to promote the products and services of a company. Advertisers must have strong creativity to succeed in this field. Creative individuals are able to give life to campaigns and generate a story in the mind of the user. This leaves an impact that turns customers to be loyal to the brand. This role extends to post-campaign where the Advertiser will be tracking the performance of campaigns. Advertising Managers, with some experience, can earn around INR 4,92,545 LPA.

A creative career is a dream for many students on the verge of graduation. BA students, in particular, are in an advantageous position as they can try out more creative jobs than other degree holders can. It is a bit of good advice to introspect and think about one’s strengths before deciding on a creative job to work at.