How to Change Passengers Details on Tap Air Portugal

What if, after making the reservation, you discover you misspelled your name? What if you want to alter your family due to marriage, divorce, or legal compulsion? Tap Portugal’s name change policy assists you with all name correction/name change problems. There’s no need to panic if you made a ‘typo’ error when reserving the Tap Portugal Airlines Booking! 

TAP Portugal Reservation Name Change Procedures

In such instances, the existing PNR must’ve cancelled and a new one created with the new and correct name.  The original ticket must’ve been refunded by market/fare regulations. Furthermore – 

  • Only unused flight portions are eligible for name correction/change. 
  • The confirming carrier must be an airline. TAP Portugal’s name correction policy does not apply to codeshare or interline agreement routes. 
  • The airline permits name changes on the basis of marriage or divorce decree, but passengers must present a legitimate copy of the legal document.
  • Only one name change would’be allowed per reservation.
  • You can travel under your maiden name if you’re on your vacation or getting married while you’re away.
  • The name on the airline ticket must match the name on the passport or government-issued photo ID.
  • If the name and surname change’s done at the airline’s office, a written declaration certifying the name changes mustbe presented, along with a copy of the new passenger’s passport.
  • Passengers must make a name change request at least 24 hours before their scheduled flight. 
  • Infants’ names can be altered for free.
  • Adult, child, senior, and other passenger categories cannot change (for example, a child’s ticket cannot convert to an adult ticket).
  • Each traveller who has already purchased the name-change option must request the date or other changes to the booking.

Instructions for Correcting the Name on a TAP Portugal Ticket

According to TAP Portugal’s name correction policy, name corrections are only allowed on TP-operated flights. Name correction is not available for reservations that include other airline trips or TP marketing flights. The request’s allowed in the following circumstances: 

  • Up to three characters – Please contact the airlines if your name (up to three letters misspelled) needs to be corrected. A $200 name change fee may apply. 
  • Empty surname – If your TAP Portugal reservation has an empty surname. Green/John, for example. Green Smith/John to Mr. Inverted first and last names – 
  • When the first and last names are inverted. For instance, Mr. Smith Mr. John Smith to Mr. John Smith
  • If the passenger has added a nickname to their first or last name, it can’be corrected as long as the details match the passport or government-issued photo ID. Passengers who want to add a middle initial to both their first and last names must go by means of the process of name change procedure and follow TAP Portugal’s policy on name changes. For example, Ms. Kathy Green to Ms. Katherine Green.
  • Passengers can request a title mistake if they have typed Mr instead of Mrs or vice versa. Mrs. John Smith to Mr. John Smith, for example.
  • Last name swap – If the passenger has two last names that must’ve swapped in order for the passport or government-issued picture ID to correspond. For example, Mr. John Green-Smith to Mr. John Green-Smith
  • Add a middle name – If the passenger needs to add or remove a middle name in order for the name to be spelled properly, a TAP Portugal middle name request can be made under name correction. Mrs. Fernanda Santos, for example, to Mrs. Fernanda Maria Santos.
  • First name misspelling – If a traveler desires to swap a single letter or if there is an extra or missing character, (TAP Portugal Booking)TAP Portugal correction of name permits it.

How Do You Change or Correct Your Booking’s Name?

Passengers have several options for changing their names or other details, according to TAP Portugal’s name change policy. You can make these changes through live help, online, at the airport, or by phone. 

Let’s look at how you can suggest that TAP Portugal change the name on your ticket using the following methods: 

Method 1 – Customer Service Name Change/Correction

The airline’s customer support can change a reservation’s name offline. It will allow passengers to talk with an airline executive to resolve their issues. To reach the carrier, dial the TAP Portugal Manage Booking customer support number. Following your conversation with the airline’s intermediary, you will perform the following steps:

  • Please notify the airline if you must a name update or correction. The representative will then request more details from you. 
  • Your full name, booking reference number, and other details are needed. 
  • You must also produce the appropriate legal documents if you want to change your last or first name as a result of a marriage or divorce.
  • The agent will notify you of any charges incurred after locating your reservation. When you agree to the fees or costs, he or she will begin the following Tap Portugal name change process. 
  • Finally, wait for the update to be confirmed. You will receive a new confirmation email to your registered email address.

Method 2: Change or Correct Your Name Via Email

Passengers can use the TAP Portugal email service to correct or alter the name on their reservation. Using this tool, you can change or correct the name. Send your name change inquiry to

Please include your reservation ID and e-ticket number. Include all required documentation. When changing your name, you must include any court-approved documentation. After that, wait for the airline to reply.

Method 3: Change or Update the Name on the Airport Counter

By travelling to the airport, some passengers may be able to update their names on their tickets. Representatives from the airline will consider your request and give help as needed. As long as the name correction or name request’s made at least 24 hours before the planned departure.

You will’be required to present a legitimate legal document as identification. The TAP Portugal representative will then inform you if there are any fees. 

The airline will begin the process as soon as you pay the required fee and provide all required documents. Finally, in the name that appears on your airline ticket, you will receive a confirmation.