7 Best and Fun Places to Visit in White Plains (NY)

Searching for the most memorable and interesting stuff to do in White Plains, New York? The town is the ninth-biggest in the entire nation of New York. Serving as the county seat and business center for Westchester. By the 2020 American Census, White Plains is to have an official population of roughly 59,000. The community consists of a diverse group of amicable individuals. White Plains is a vibrant city with a tinge of suburbia. The town has a wide range of facilities and activities. It draws travelers from all around the globe. 

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7 Best and Fun Places to Visit in White Plains:

1. Maple Moor Golf

Maple Moor Golf is an 18-hole golf course designed by Tom Winton. The layout is maple trees, thus the name. Have fun golfing on the greens and honing your skills on all the different holes at Maple Moor Golf Course. Maple Moor has bunkers, sand traps, cart paths, and a system for watering. Playing golf at Maple Moor is one of the more pleasurable things to do in White Plains with the people you love.

2. Saxon Woods Park

Saxon Woods Park is a 700-acre amusement playground in White Plains, New York. That provides a variety of entertainment options, thus rendering it excellent for family trips. Also, the playground is clean and prepared, including facilities for the disabled. The swimming pool is a prominent attraction at Saxon Woods Park, and it is one of the biggest in America. Take the opportunity you go to the pool and take your children to the water park for an exciting adventure. Visiting Saxon Woods Park with relatives and friends represents one of the top activities to do in White Plains. Some of the best activities in Saxton Woods Park. Include hiking, picnics, swimming, golfing, and playing around.

3. Game On Golf Centre

Are you a fan of golf? Do you enjoy playing golf? Then you should go to the Game On Golf Centre in White Plains, New York. Game On Golf Centre is the biggest golf center in White Plains. The golf course was before running as the Westchester Golf Range. It opened in 1948 and became Game On Golf Centre in 2017 under new ownership. Game On Golf Centre provides PGA Golf Pro-led clinics. Instruction for all levels, and youth-oriented programs in fresh new practice facilities. The golf facility is an excellent spot to start your golfing experience. Because there are knowledgeable pros to guide you through. The golf course features a stunning setting and excellent greens for golfers. Game On Golf Centre also has a pro shop that may help you with your golf equipment requirements. 

4. Santhigram Wellness

Santhigram Wellness provides revitalizing treatment options such as massage, and acupuncture. And other body treatments to help restore your mental and physical health. So, although you enjoy all the activities in White Plains, your body will also pay attention. Santhigram Wellness provides the greatest body therapy in New York. Through the use of Indian Ayurveda, a historic natural healing practice. The results of this therapy will recharge your body for the rest of your time in New York. Santhigram Wellness has a qualified group of Ayurvedic therapists and consultants who have been trained in India. The members of this group are going to treat your body utilizing Indian Ayurvedic principles.

5. County Trip Service

County Trip firm is a ground transportation management firm that provides good ground transportation in Westchester. It was started in 2015 and has since provided people living in White Plains with easy and enjoyable transportation. Once you land at Westchester Airport, you can use the County Travel Transportation to transport. You and those you cherish to your desired destination in a cozy and attractive car. County Travel Service has a fleet of Toyota Camry Hybrids operated by professional drivers to ensure your safety. County Trip Service is at the Westchester Airport.

6. O’Connor’s Public House White Plains

O’Connor’s Public House is an average Irish pub in White Plains, New York. The bar is an excellent spot for friends to connect, unwind, and have fun collectively. O’Connor’s Public House is a famous gathering spot for residents as well as tourists. It also happens to be a held firm led by the O’Connor brothers. Enjoying the night at O’Connor’s Public House is one of the best activities to experience in White Plains.

7. Bowlmor Lanes

Bowlmor Lanes is a playing center in White Plains, New York. That provides an assortment of sports and recreational activities. Bowlmor Lanes has the best and most exciting games on the lane. The game center also has arcade video games, HD video walls that play music videos, and other amazing stuff. Bowlmor Lanes is a great place to bring your kids or colleagues for some fascinating electronic games. Bowlmor Lanes offers a variety of arcade games, including Jurassic Park Arcade, Mario Kart, and the globe’s Biggest. 

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