How to change Name on Frontier ticket

How to Change Name on Frontier Ticket

How may a name change be made on a Frontier Airlines ticket? When a passenger has to alter the name on a reserved Frontier Flight ticketthey may be perplexed and wonder “how to change name on Frontier Airlines ticket” since their name was spelled wrongly due to technical issues on the website. All travellers who are considering making adjustments to their Frontier Airline reservation tickets may find the material on this site to be useful.

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How to change Name on Frontier ticket

  • A traveler must select “my trips” from the menu while accessing the Frontier Airlines website on their mobile device.
  • Next, the traveller needs to provide his last name and confirmation code in the designated field.
  • Navigate to the other page to see the reservation information.
  • The “change your reservation information” button must now be clicked by travelers.
  • Select the section to modify your personal data.
  • The traveler then has to fill up the new name area with his true name.
  • He must now save his updated booking adjustments.
  • After changing your name, you could be requested to provide the necessary paperwork—such as an ID that has been authorized by the government—to show your new identity.
  • Subsequently, move on to the subsequent phase of remitting a penalty charge, whereby the travelers may opt to modify their name.

How can I call Frontier Airlines and alter my name

Travelers can also call the official number of Frontier Airline at 1 800 801 6652 to speak with a live representative directly if they are experiencing any technical difficulties or other issues while completing the name change process online. A person must tell the airline agent to alter their name and to follow any additional instructions throughout the call when they talk with the agent.

Rules for Frontier Airlines Name Change

  • Only three characters in the first, middle, or last name may be changed by travelers.
  • In the Frontier Airlines booking, passengers can change, add, or reverse their names.
  • Under legal proceedings like marriage and divorce decrees, passengers have the right to request a name change.
  • It is not possible for passengers who booked using mileage points to seek a name change at the time of booking.
  • It is not possible to transfer tickets to another passenger.
  • The traveler will receive a new PNR number in accordance with airline regulation.
  • The passenger’s new name must correspond with any government-issued identification, such as a driver’s license or passport.
  • The passenger is not permitted to board the aircraft if his name does not match that on the official paperwork.
  • Those who make adjustments to their Frontier Airlines reservation within 24 hours after purchasing the ticket will not be assessed a penalty fee.


These are the ways and important rules for the name change policy of Frontier Airlines. Passengers are requested to check the above mentioned rules and information for changing the name on the booked Frontier Airlines Ticket. It will help you to change the name in a suitable way without any hustle.

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