What is Avianca Airlines Check in Process

The Avianca Airlines Check in process allows you to board on the flight and it is a mandatory process. You may check in online with Avianca between 24 and 2 hours before to the departure of your trip. Reminder: To finish the online check-in procedure, you will need your travel papers, the relevant flight information, and access to a printer if you want to print your boarding pass.

Avianca Online Check-in Process

Online check-in is available from 24 to 2 hours before the departure of your flight. You need an electronic ticket.
There may be no more than nine (9) people in the party checking in. Only travelers on Avianca flights are eligible to use Web Check-in.
On international flights, the passenger checking in must be an adult; children must travel with an adult partner. The passenger cannot be an infant or a youngster under the age of eleven.
You do not need special services (such as those for unaccompanied youngsters, the handicapped, or medication).
You are not taking children under the age of eleven on overseas travel.
You do not transport animals.

Avianca Web Check-in

All Avianca flights have web check-in available up to three hours prior to departure. If the itinerary contains codeshare routes (codeshare segments), connections with other airlines, or more than two connections between the origin and the destination, web check-in is not available.

In just a few simple steps, you may visit the Avianca website 24 hours prior to the departure of your trip and acquire your boarding pass:

For identification, use the reservation code, e-ticket number, or frequent flyer number.
Choose the flight you wish to check in for; if Avianca operates the initial flight, you can utilize the service to check in for all flights.
From the list, pick the passengers you wish to check in.
Update your airline loyalty card.

Avianca Seat Selection during Check-in

View or swap seats with specific passengers. Other airlines’ seat maps are not available; when you check in, your seat will be verified.
Enter the data that the immigration officials have requested.
The boarding pass may be printed or emailed to your email address. In the event that the boarding pass isn’t working properly, you can print it at a kiosk or get your boarding card at the check-in desk.

You may see the boarding pass on your smartphone instantly, eliminating the need to print it. If you get to the airport and your phone isn’t working properly, you can print your boarding pass at a kiosk or visit an Avianca counter.

Offline Avianca Check-in Methods

There are self-service kiosks equipped with Bag Tag printers in the airports in Toronto, London, Quito, and Cali. You can print your luggage tags a limit of two per passenger after having your information verified and head straight to the baggage drop-off booth. You can enter the PNR, ticket number, last name and other information here and print your boarding pass from KIOSK. Moreover you can take help on call or check-in directly at the airport on Avianca Counter and make sure that you reach at least before 2 hours for check-in.

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