Services at Planetshakers Church in Melbourne

Planetshakers Church in Melbourne is a lively and progressive place of worship that has served the community for many years. The church provides a range of services to its members, such as worship services, Bible studies, youth programs, and community outreach initiatives. If you seek more profound connections with God or an encouraging community environment, Planetshakers Melbourne church is the perfect fit!

Worship Services:

Planetshakers Church’s worship services, held each Sunday, are the heart of their church. These services aim to be both inspirational and encouraging, providing a space for members to come together to worship God in an encouraging atmosphere. The worship team at Planetshakers Church consists of talented musicians who lead the congregation in song. Whether you’re an experienced church-goer or just starting out, you’re sure to find these services meaningful and enjoyable.

Bible Studies:

Planetshakers Church offers a variety of Bible studies and small group sessions in addition to its worship services. These studies aim to deepen members’ knowledge of the Bible and strengthen their relationship with God. No matter your level of expertise or lack thereof, there is sure to be a Bible study tailored specifically for you. Plus, its knowledgeable, approachable leaders are dedicated to aiding members to grow in their faith. Plus, many sessions are open to non-members, so feel free to bring along friends or family members!

Youth Programs:

Planetshakers Church is committed to meeting the needs of young people in its community. It offers a range of youth programs, such as worship services, Bible studies, and outreach initiatives. These events aim to help young people connect with God and grow in faith while offering an encouraging atmosphere for spiritual exploration. The youth leaders at Planetshakers Church are passionate and dedicated individuals who strive to help young people become mature followers of Jesus Christ.

Community Outreach Initiatives:

Finally, Planetshakers Church is dedicated to serving the wider community through its outreach initiatives. The church runs a variety of programs and projects designed to assist those in need – such as food drives, clean-up days, and support for local charities – which demonstrate their desire to make an impact in the world. Through these actions, Planetshakers Church strives to make a difference.

Planetshakers Church has been serving the community for many years. If you are searching for an engaging place of worship or want to deepen your relationship with God, PlanetshakersChurch is the perfect fit. Their variety of services, Bible studies, and youth programs will help you explore your spirituality and grow in faith. If you want a more meaningful and rewarding life, visit us online at today and discover more about us and how we can assist in connecting you with God.


Planetshakers Church in Melbourne is an energetic and dynamic place of worship that provides a variety of services to its members. If you’re searching for deeper connections with God or looking for an encouraging community, Planetshakers Church has something special for everyone. Through worship services, Bible studies, youth programs, and outreach initiatives, the church strives to help its members grow spiritually and make an impact on the world around them.