Revature Reviews Discusses the Launch of this Company in the United Kingdom

Revature is a well-established tech talent enablement company. It recently announced the launch of its operations in the United Kingdom. Revature reviews underline that this company has more than fifteen years of success in the United States, and can competently leverage its proprietary talent development program to train a diverse pool of qualified candidates. This company provides training in high-demand technology disciplines and can create a pathway to future-proof careers in tech and developing talent pipelines for companies across the UK.

Revature reviews underline how the company can help the tech talent in the UK

There were more than two million UK job vacancies in tech job vaccines in 2021, more than any labor area, even though there are quite strong financial incentives available for joining the tech workforce. As per a Tech Nation report, tech salaries are almost 80% higher on an average in the UK in comparison to non-tech jobs. A prime factor in these tech job vacancies was that almost 12 million workers lacked the valuable digital skills needed to fill up the positions. Revature can significantly help in solving this problem. This company aims to address the opportunity gap by training candidates, and connecting them with some of the in-demand jobs in the tech sector.

By following their proven hire-train-deploy model, Revature shall identify candidates in the United Kingdom who have the rough aptitude and attitude to succeed in tech. They shall subsequently pay these candidates to undergo the proprietary 10–12-week training programme of the company. After the completion of the training programs, the associates would be placed in tech positions at leading companies across the UK. 

The very first pathway for Revature would be to provide support to university graduates, no matter whether they have STEM or non-technical degrees. The company has further plans to establish a non-graduate pathway as well, in order to connect untapped talent that currently exists in the country. This pathway will focus on A-level and T-level candidates and help them to get placed in lucrative positions across the UK market.

Revature reviews mark the effectiveness of this company when it comes to creating pathways for aspiring tech talent into high-paying jobs at leading companies. Their impeccable track record provides the company with the motivation and confidence to expand their footprint and make potentially life-changing opportunities available to candidates across the UK.

In addition to strong salaries during placement, the associates of Revature are also provided with ongoing development support and pastoral care. This company strives to make sure that its associates are placed in permanent positions with their client organizations within twelve to eighteen months. They also do not impose any kind of early exit fees or commitment bonds in the UK. The success of Revature depends on the success of its associates, which invariably drives the satisfaction of its clients.

Revature has trained and deployed more than 10,000 candidates for client organizations in the United States. Their clients span many industries, and include consulting, government, enterprise, and systems integrators. Revature is also an authorized training partner for ServiceNow, OutSystems, Salesforce, Pega, and Appian.