How to Layer Necklaces For Your Best Look

Whether you wear your necklace as a statement piece or a finishing touch, it’s important to know about the layering and stacking of necklaces for your best look. Necklace Stacks aren’t just meant to be worn around the neck; they can be layered on each other (or even worn in front or behind another) so they play nice with others. You can layer many different forms of jewelry together and have lots of fun mixing up the dynamics.

1. Start with a base necklace.

Each necklace in your stack should be able to stand on its own, either by being the focal point or having a special feature (like a pendant) that makes it unique and stand out. Good looks for this kind of necklace include fun colors, bold patterns, and big shapes.

2. Add a layer with a similar pattern or color.

A good rule of thumb is to have all your layers have the same theme or concept—in this case, “color.” Matching the colors of all your pieces makes them flow together and look great as one cohesive stack.

3. Add a mix-and-match layer.

If you need to follow color rules, having two pieces that are alike but not exactly the same is fun and interesting for your eye to look at.

4. Add a pendant or charm.

This is your opportunity to add a little something special to the mix. You don’t have to do just one of these things—combining them all (as shown in the picture) can make for a great necklace stack!

5. Add a bit of sparkle with your last layer.

This is the perfect layer for being a little extra and adding some glitz and glam to your necklace stacks! A simple strand of pearls or rhinestones can add that extra fire.

6. Add a chain extender as needed.

If your necklace is too long to go around your neck, you can use a chain extender to make it work. You can also add a necklace extender when you’re walking and lifting your arms, as this makes the clasp less likely to catch on things.

7. Flaunt the layers with a fun floral necklace.

If you have your eye on a gorgeous floral necklace, wear it on top of one of the other layers to make it your main focal point.

8. Layering Secured by Clasp

You can use a clasp to secure the necklaces in layers so they’re harder to disentangle and easier to figure out how they look together. This is a great way to layer necklaces exactly as you want them and gives you more freedom when deciding what looks best.


Layering necklaces is a great way to add fun and excitement to your look. If you’re looking for more tips on wearing a necklace, check out our earlier post on the various ways to wear necklaces.