Capital Vacations Myrtle Beach-Capture Amazing Videography Shots From The Best Destinations in South Carolina 

If you are passionate about videography, you should head to South Carolina to get the best shots. This region is known for its beautiful beaches and gorgeous mountain ranges. You can get the best of everything here, within driving distance. 

Capital Vacations Myrtle Beach – discover the best places for taking your videos 

Capital Vacations is a respected name in the travel and hospitality industry in the USA, known for its friendly team of experts and customer service. The professional team here says that when it comes to videography, Myrtle Beach is famous for its landmarks and beautiful attractions. It has a coastline that is 60 miles long, and there are several opportunities for you to film in this widely sought-after vacation spot. In addition to the above, Myrtle Beach has a boardwalk with several restaurants and shops. You can also find attractions like an IMAX theatre and an aquarium here. If you are keen to take wildlife videography, check out another popular place called Brookgreen Gardens, which is just a short drive from the beach. 


Capital Vacations Myrtle Beach is perfect for capturing some astonishing ocean footage. You can capture videos of the beaches and the waterfront parks. It also houses a lot of historical landmarks like Fort Sumter and the National Monument, where the very first gunshots of the American Civil War were fired. When you are in the region, do not forget to check out the lip-smacking dishes, as there is something for everyone- you can find local eateries, high-end restaurants, and food vendors on the street.


If you want to capture a clever bit of everything in South Carolina, Greenville is the best place for you to choose. You will be treated to scenic mountain views, several waterfalls, and a downtown area that is bustling with activity. Some of the notable places you must visit here are the Caesars Head State Park and Table Rock State Park. Both of these places give you stunning footage of flora and fauna of the region. Another place you should miss is Falls Park on The Reedy for spectacular views- it is one of the most popular attractions in Greenville. 


If you are searching for a quiet and quaint town with an abundance of Southern Charm, Summerville is a fantastic place for videography. This place houses some of the most beautiful gardens in the region, giving you the comforts of several beds and breakfast options for you to choose from. You can also capture many attractive shots of the antique shops in the region. If you are visiting the place in spring, you can check out the famous Flowertown Festival, which is one of the most popular and significant festivals in the state. 

The experts of Capital Vacations Myrtle Beach state that when you are in South Carolina, you should also visit Columbia, as it is a perfect spot for videography. Here, you can see the Riverbanks Zoo and Garden, which is one of the most prominent zoos in the nation.