10 Idaho Wonders That Will Take Your Breath Away

Cascade waterfalls, geologic marvels, and spectacular hot springs are a few of the Gem State’s hidden gems. You can explore them on your own if you know where to search. Prepare your road journey itinerary with these seven Idaho wonders that will take your breath away.

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1. Mesa Falls

Begin your trip by visiting one of Idaho’s most unique natural attractions. Upper Mesa Falls and Lower Mesa Falls are the two towering cascades that make up this eastern Idaho spectacle. Upper Mesa Falls is a ten-story-tall waterfall that cascades down the face of an ancient volcanic super-eruption. Return to the car or hike a short distance south to Lower Mesa Falls to see the second cascade. The Mesa Falls Visitor Center has fun exhibits on the area’s geology and history, as well as a scenic walking path appropriate for all ages that leads to great viewpoints at both falls.

2. Teton Scenic Byway

What’s next on the agenda? A scenic journey along the majestic Teton Mountains’ western flank. The Teton Scenic Byway winds through Tetonia, Driggs, and Victor on the western foothills of the Teton Range. This 70-mile journey includes scenic views, rivers, and historic locations where the kids can get out and stretch their legs. Visit the Teton Geotourism Center in Driggs for hands-on history displays, maps, and adventure planning advice. If you’re looking for a sweet treat to round out your journey, stop by the Victor Emporium in Victor.

3. Lava Hot Springs

Lava Hot Springs can either cool you down or fire you up. This traveler’s haven is in the heart of southeast Idaho. The world-famous hot springs in this town attract visitors from all over the United States and Canada, and it’s simple to see why. The five pools are too bubbly perfection, each pool is to a different temperature to fit any soaker, and these hot pools are sulfur-free. If you want to cool off and let the kids run around, the Olympic Swimming Complex and Water Park are only three streets away and feature diving platforms, speed slides, and picnic areas.

4. Shoshone Falls

Shoshone Falls is the next waterfall stop on the schedule and by far the largest. This roaring behemoth has epic water flows in the spring and early summer, with water falling 212 feet from the canyon wall. This waterfall is higher than Niagara Falls! Shoshone Falls Park provides an incredible view of the massive falls and the winding Snake River Canyon, as well as a great spot to picnic and explores canyon trails.

5. Perrine Coulee Falls

Perrine Coulee Falls is a well-kept treasure in the Snake River Canyon. This one-of-a-kind waterfall can be seen from the canyon rim or up close and personal with a brief hike. What’s the greatest part? The hiking path leads behind the falls. Talk about a memorable picture. Pack some water and snacks to spend the day investigating this and other trails in the stunning Snake River Canyon.

6. Thousand Springs Scenic Byway

The countryside along the Thousand Springs Scenic Byway is rural farmland, jagged canyon walls, and untamed geological landscapes. This road takes you past Thousand Springs, where water from the Snake River Plain aquifer bursts through the canyon walls into the river below. Thousand Springs State Park is into five units that are out across the area, providing plenty of space to explore trails, and waterfalls, and search for local wildlife. Take the youngsters paddleboarding or fishing; the cool water temperatures from the springs are ideal for trout.

7. Balanced Rock

One of Idaho’s most unusual natural wonders awaits at the end of this show-stopping journey. Balanced Rock is unlike anything you’ve ever seen, weighing 40 tonnes and towering 48 feet tall. This unique location is ideal for a picnic before returning to the road. Mother Nature, thank you for putting on an excellent show.

8. Yellowstone Bear World

Yellowstone Bear World is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get up close and personal with bears! The attraction offers a drive-thru trip during which you can see free-roaming bears, mountain goats, deer, bison, and moose while driving through the marked roads. For more charge, you can bottle-feed the newborn bear cubs! Because of the bear’s hibernation, the facility is only open from April to October. For more fee, you can also engage in the Wildlife Excursion, where you can feed the adult bears alongside a qualified animal keeper. Feeding Bears is one of Idaho’s most thrilling pastimes.

9. Silver Mountain Resort

This incredible ski resort is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week for nonstop excitement! Silver Mountain Resort in Kellogg, Idaho, has 73 trails, 1,600 acres of skiable land, 760 cm of snowfall, and Idaho’s biggest indoor waterpark! This is an excellent winter vacation location for skiing, snowboarding, and snow sledding. These winter games are among Idaho’s most exciting pursuits. They offer luxurious accommodations for any family size, as well as a variety of delectable eateries nearby. Because it is one of the best summer and winter vacation destinations, you can come all year.

10. Seven Stars Alpaca Ranch

The Seven Stars Alpaca property is a family-owned land that is home to some of the most stunning alpacas in the state! They are welcoming and entertaining to interact with. If you’re interested, the ranch provides self-guided and guided tours to help you get to know this stunning location. The “Alpaca Ranch” is home to a range of animals, including llamas, cattle, goats, horses, chickens, and donkeys, despite its name. They market high-quality alpaca fiber. They offer socks and hats to keep you warm this winter. Toys like adorable stuffed alpacas are available to keep your children amused. They also have cute gift baskets if you want to spread the love with your family and closest friends.

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