Why should I render my home

You may have noticed the rising popularity of house rendering in Brisbane and you’re asking yourself what all the fuss is about. You may also be wondering if you should render your home and what benefits will come with it. This short article, backed by industry expert insights, should help you navigate all your concerns when it comes to rendering your property. Let’s start with the basics and then explore all the benefits of rendering your home. One thing that is commonly known is that rendering offers more than just aesthetic value and can actually help in protecting the surfaces it is attached to. 

What is rendering?

Rendering is the professional process of applying a cement-enriched mixture to the external walls of a property, to transform their look into your preferred smoothness or texturing. Cement is just the most typical application method but there are other options which offer different finishes. At this point, you might be thinking to yourself that this sounds exactly like plastering. Well, the difference lies in the percentage of cement within its composition. Rendering has a higher percentage of cement in its enriched coating formula. This means it’s a little tougher and therefore more durable for outside/exterior applications. 

Properly done rendering will make your home’s exterior look stunning while also giving the walls extra durability and weather resistance. When applied correctly, rendering can do a brilliant job of giving your home a brand-new look that is built to last. As a consumer, you have different rendering types to choose from and they should be readily available in Brisbane, and the greater Queensland area, because this particular type of home refurbishment is quite popular here. Different rendering types offer different appearances and protective qualities. Cement rendering, the most common type, is made up of cement, lime, sand, bonding agents, drying additives, and colouring additives. 

Reasons why you should render your home

  1. Revamp and update the look of your property

This applies to homeowners looking for an affordable renovation project and those looking to enlist their property for a sale. Regardless of the end goal, rendering is sure to enhance the curb appeal of your home in your town. You may have already seen homes with crisp corners and smooth-looking surfaces on your daily commute. This seamless, luxurious finish isn’t achieved with paint or bricks alone, it is the work of several coats of rendering. Rendering can give any home a modern yet timeless look without breaking the bank. Many people rely on it to hide the poor state of their existing walls and then are surprised to discover its additional protective qualities. You’ll attract visitors and potential buyers because this particular upgrade is a looker and a protector – offering double value. Rendering also offers a number of different finishes, colours, and textures that you can choose while keeping in view your budget.

  1. Improved insulative and thermal performance 

Draughty homes can benefit from the insulative benefits rendering offers. The coats that are applied to the exterior walls will act as a breathable blanket. Experts can confirm that house rendering helps towards improving the thermal performance of your solid wall construction. 

  1. Weatherproof your property 

You may not really think about it but the exterior walls of your home are technically bare and directly exposed to the elements. For the purpose of repeating the blanket metaphor above, rendering will provide an additional layer against weather elements like rainfall, snowfall, temperature changes, and harsh winds. Bricks are known to react with rainwater, and you can see efflorescence on the brick structure. Rendering can help you to avoid something like this because it will reduce the permeability and porosity of the wall material beneath it. 

Who should do your rendering?

If you want to enjoy all the above-stated benefits, you’ve got to hire some experts to handle the job. Nation-wide regulation on rendering is very particular about the type of tradie that you use and for good reason. Only a specialist knows the best way to prepare, mix and apply rendering in a variety of ways. This is especially the case for homeowners looking for textured surfaces that have a unique finish. Qualified, insured, and experienced renders are the only people permitted to take on rendering jobs. Many people think that they can go ahead and do the rendering themselves, but nothing beats what a pro can do. DIY rendering attempts will result in DIY-looking rendering finishes and that may not be what you’re after.