What’s the Safest Way to Smoke Weed? Let’s Dive In

When it comes to talking on the ganja, you will find that some methods are more effective than others for a variety of reasons. Yet, there is a diversity of concepts involved. When it comes to Hedonism and enjoying the pleasures of marijuana, the great escape can be found anywhere that you roam and for any occasion. Let’s consider the top 10 ways to smoke the grass below.

#1: Roll Me A Joint

There is nothing more pure and relaxing than puffing on a pure unadulterated joint of cannabis. The entire process is relaxing. You start off by grinding or breaking up those buds and can make an entire project out of it for an hour or more. You may enjoy sorting out the seeds and saving them for your collection or chewing on those herby and refreshing stems as you work. And what’s not to love, some great music, some drinks, and a comfortable chair or couch to lounge on as you go to town.

#2: Chamber Pipes

When it comes to having some fun with your friends on the go and limiting the slobber, a chamber pipe is a nice tool. The beauty of a chamber pipe is that you can store some extra buds in the chamber to get them filled up with all that gooey tar resin that is so good to smoke on a rainy day. For some cannabis connoisseurs, the caked-up resins that they build up in the pipe can be more tantalizing than the buds themselves. This is especially true if you smoke magic mushrooms out of your pipe. The shroom resins provide for a nice nutty and warm taste that also adds weeks of psychedelic enhancement to any smoke session.

#3. Bubblers-

These bong-like devices are smaller and offer more complex diffusing apparatuses. You can differentiate them right away from glass bongs online by the odd shapes of the diffusers and the smaller portable size. But, remember, a bubbler hits a lot harder, like a pipe, and is not meant to replace your hashish hookah. This is because you are not drawing the smoke through a gallon of cooling liquid. Nevertheless, these devices are fun, colorful, and creative. The secret is a slow inhalation to keep the bubbles in the pipe and out of your mouth.

#4: One-Hitters

When you are on the go and carrying a large pipe seems like a burden when you are dressed light in shorts and a t-shirt, a one-hitter may be your go-to guy. A one-hitter is also a nice way to pass those joints around without getting a mouth full of someone else’s slime. Everyone knows that a roach is the best part because all that lovely resin just holds the burn so slow and gentle. It’s good stuff!

#5: Water Bongs

The water pipes for weed are the party centerpiece that everyone needs to try. The water cools down the smoke and makes it easier to inhale those huge skunky hits without coughing fits. It is the perfect way to just blow the minds of your guests. Most water bongs are made of glass and psychedelic in and of themselves. The majority have removable pipe stems that make it easier to clean and add an additional stem pipe for grab-and-go sessions.

The water bong is a cult classic that you can fill up with a variety of liquids to keep it interesting. Of course, if you really want to get messed up, how about a few sips of THC-loaded smoky charred bong water when you’re done? The coolest part about bongs is the variety of sizes, styles, and colors available. You can keep the party interesting by progressively pulling out your larger and more elaborate bongs to wow your guests.

#6: Bang Bang

When it comes to pipes, the person who thought about creating the bang had some serious stoner intuition. A bang is essentially an ordinary marijuana hand pipes with a supercharger. Yes, a bang has some small air intake hole for that fresh blast of oxygen that you need when you just can’t get enough. The bang is especially effective when you have some dense moist mugs that keep on fizzing out. It supplies the extra oxygen that you need for combustion. However, the biggest treat is when you have some quality shake that just goes up like a burnt sacrifice to the cannabis gods.

#7: Steamrollers

If you are looking for a heavier hotter than the bang, why not upgrade your paraphernalia with a sweet steamroller. A steamroller takes the bang a step further by pumping up the volume of oxygen available in that epic hit. The coolest steamrollers are the ones made out of glass that allow you to see the smoke building up in the chamber before you vacate it and blow your mind out. People who use steamrollers get seriously stoned fast and love the experience. It has a nice clean burn without all the bite of a pipe or joint from all that fresh air. Use your bong for that hard to hit hashish and keep a steamroller in your pocket for any other affair.

#8: Glass Spoons

You don’t have to be a silverspoon to own one. But, you will feel like you won the lottery after you get high with a quality glass spoon. A glass spoon is a beautiful blown glass piece that is super fun to smoke out of. The best part of a glass spoon is that you just can’t clean out that awesome resin. This holds it behind glass for that rainy day when you are broke and decide to break it open.

#9: Dab Rigs

You need a dab rig if you are going to do some serious stoning. The dab rig allows you to smoke those potent hashish oils and extracts in a second of sweet vapor. There is no better device for getting stoned when you are seriously burnt out and the thrill is gone. Dab rigs are that end of the line party after the ounce is gone.

#10: Vaporizers

Vaping ganja is a great way to enjoy the high THC content without the hard bite of tar and resins in the lungs. The vaporizing method is very gentle and simply toasts the ganja just below the burning point to provide the maximum potency. Vaping is a favorite method of long-term smokers who want a cleaner and more psychoactive high.