What Lending Facilities ADCB Offers for Mid Corporates


ADCB Betaqti offers banking facilities both for personal use and for corporate use too. The facilities that they offer to business owners can be transformative. However, a lot of businesses today need a little help. Securing a loan or capital can be challenging, but ADCB has solutions for their customers. Let’s explore.


ADCB offers a range of loans that could work for your business. They have short-, medium- or long-term loans to choose from. Think about what option would best suit the needs and goals of your business.

The loans themselves are tailor-made to offer your business the perfect cash management solution. They can also be monitored online through ADCB’s online banking facilities. ADCB also has a number of trade finance facilities too.

Their loans are perhaps better suited to businesses in the construction or investment industries. You will also benefit from a dedicated liaison and a relationship with the management team that is experienced within the sector that your business operates.

When it comes to applying for the loan, you will have to meet a certain eligibility criterion to secure the loan. Although your eligibility will largely depend on your company’s financial standing, your bank statements will be used to calculate what you are eligible for.

Alongside the financial statements, you need to provide several other documents, including your licence to operate, credit score, collateral, a business plan, and your company’s experience. Once all of these pieces of supporting evidence have been submitted, the application can progress.

In some instances, you will need to offer up collateral or guarantees to secure the loan. Think about what you can offer in this regard. It can help you have your loan approved; the collateral needs to offset the loan price, so it will need to be sizeable.


ADCB also offers working capital solutions to businesses to help them with any support they might need going forward with the business. Work out whether you want a loan or to secure capital, and take the needs of your business into account.

Securing working capital for your business can be truly transformative. First, it can improve the cash flow because the liquid assets are better utilized to cover business expenses. This then means that day-to-day operational costs are better managed. The business also has the capital that it needs to continuing operating and even work towards expanding the business.

ADCB has both short- and long-term options available depending on the needs of your business. The options are also flexible and can be customized depending on what you need. You can also access the solutions through their mobile banking app.

The eligibility criteria are similar to that of the loan criteria mentioned above. It will be assessed using your business’s financial records by a team using the bank’s policies as a guide.

The Bottom Line

Often, securing capital or loan can be integral for the future of a business. It is hard to achieve your goals or expand the business without having the money behind you to do so. Consider your options carefully to ensure that you are making the right choice for your business. Remember to pull together all the supporting pieces of evidence that you need to make the application process easier.