India is always known for its diverse cultures and traditions. When we talk about movies, there is a wide variety of movies and genres like Tollywood, Bollywood, Kollywood, etc. Nowadays, most of the movie lovers prefer enjoying quality time in theaters watching all the latest movies.

They shell out their money to buy the tickets. On the other hand, everyone cannot afford to buy movie tickets. Some are unable to visit theaters due to their hectic schedule. Due to this, video piracy websites came into existence. Sites like Thiruttumovies allows users to watch all the latest movies without paying a single penny.

If you are a movie lover and finding a way to watch the latest movies for free, then Thiruttumovies should be your choice. Now, let’s know about this website and its features.

What Is Thiruttumovies Site?

If you love watching all the latest and popular Tamil movies, then Thiruttumovies should be your best choice. One thing you should know, this online video streaming website is 100% illegal. With this website, you can watch all the movies in HD quality.

One of the best parts of this website is you can even download your favorite movie in the best video quality. Apart from Tamil movies, Thiruttumovies also offer dubbed and regional language movies. Users have the freedom to choose the right quality of the movie to be streamed or downloaded. Even if you are downloading an HD movie, the size of the movie will be less. Above all, the data consumption will also be a minimum.

You will be able to find most of the Tamil movies on the Thiruttumovies website. According to various reports, user traffic is around 1 million per month. Due to the huge user traffic base, the site owner keeps updating the content regularly.

Most of the loyal users of this site are originated in Nepal, India, Dubai, and other Gulf countries. All the latest released Tamil movies are directly uploaded on this website within a week. In simpler words, users are very much satisfied while using this site.

What Is The History Of Thiruttumovies Site?

Thiruttumovies was launched a couple of years back as a torrent site. Initially, this website owner cannot experience considerable traffic. The main reason for the initial drawback was the lack of content. They were only uploading Tamil and Tamil dubbed movies. Apart from that, the content was not available in HD quality. At that time, this site was not uploading anything apart from Tamil movies.

Like other websites, they somehow managed to upload the latest releases within a week on their website. To enhance the traffic base, they also started uploading movies of different genres. Movies from Bollywood and Hollywood were also available on this site. Now, the website interface is also user-friendly. You will also find various entertainment categories on the website.

How Does Thiruttumovies Website Functions?

As mentioned above, Thiruttumovies is an illegal video streaming website. This website offers innumerable pirated versions of the movies. In simpler words, you can consider this website entirely illegal. Due to this, Anti Piracy Cell of Indian Government targets such websites and bans their illegal activities.

However, you’ll still find hundreds of video piracy websites on the internet. Now, this website is managed by a group of people who are originated in undisclosed locations. The primary feature of this website is ‘Quick Download’ which attracts many users across the globe. The video quality of movies ranges from 360p to 1080p.

However, you will always find some annoying ads on this website. These ads are the only source of income for the Thiruttumovies owners and developers. According to various reports, these ad companies pay around $3000 to $4000 per month.

Quick Features Of Thiruttumovies Website

You might have understood that Thiruttumovies have a hell lot of features. Some of the primary features of this website are:

  • Movies from different genres are available on this website. For example, you’ll find Kannada, Tamil, Hollywood, Bollywood, and Malayalam movies.
  • All the latest movies, TV shows, and web series are uploaded on this site within one week of release. Above all, these movies are available for free to download.
  • Thiruttumovies offer HD movies in less size. All the other websites don’t even provide true HD movies.

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