The Best Things to Do in Kansas City

Kansas city is not much appreciated due to its less popularity. Cities of Midwest like St. Louis and Chicago are much more famous to be tourist places and that’s the reason for it being less popular. There are dozens of attractions, mouth watering food, character, and culture. Kansas city also includes arts scenes and there are a variety of restaurants that offer KC cuisines. Moreover, there are tons of fountains in the city that you can explore. Kansas city is also known for its large heritage and you can explore the city highlights of the region. One can book their tickets through the frontier Airlines ticket booking and get the best prices on the tickets.

Nelson Museum of art

The Nelson museum of art has over 40,000 magnificent works of art that even include centuries old carts. There are a lot of contemporary exhibits and photography mediums that one can explore. One of the other highlights of this place is the Donald Hall Sculpture park which is over 22 acres. This place is also considered one of the best museums of the country and one can visit the place without paying any admission fee. So, book your frontier airline tickets in order to plan your trip at the best and affordable prices.

Boulevard Brewery

This is a little brewery in the Midwest which is becoming popular day by day. You can know about this place through the history of Kansas. One can have a free 60 minute tour to this brewery and even enjoy the free beer. Moreover, people can even take home their favorite brews. Brewery teams are best matched with local businesses that are made for entertainment, brews, and tasty bites. So, if you want to enjoy this place then you surely need to book your tickets with the Frontier airlines ticket and get the best deals and prices for your next trip.

Kemper Museum

This place is a short walk away and it is a four storied building with a spider statue at the front. This is one of a kind museum and boasts the collection of modern and old art through exhibitions, video series, workshops, creative programs and even lectures. The café Sebastienne is the best place if you want to spend your time adoring and admiring the installation of art. So, book your flights for your next trip to Kansas through frontier ticket booking.

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City market

This is even known as the river market and this is the place where you can spend your time and shop. The market includes home accessories, food and even restaurants for you to have an exotic appetite at any time of the day. On weekends, the farmers market is very famous. Fun filled events are conducted throughout the summer such as live music and festivals. So, book your flights today and you can check in through the frontier check in option. Frontier airlines will make it quite very easy to plan your trip conveniently.