Now a day’s people are more inclined towards streaming platforms in comparison to distributing films through a traditional platform which is through cinemas. Audiences prefer to watch their desired content through various OTT platforms which directly let their users to view their content before TV broadcast. With the introduction of various OTT platforms entertainment sector has widened up because there is more than one source to watch your beloved content and audiences likely to watch stuff by seating at home rather than visiting to cinemas halls.

In fact, directors of movies start releasing their films on various OTT platforms as well, so that no users remain deprived of the latest content. In today’s market, you can notice there are numerous platforms available where users can access their desired content without facing any issues. But with a wide range of streaming platforms users easily get baffled and can’t make the wise decision which is the best streaming platform for them. No need to worry guys we are here to brief about one of the leading pirated website tamilprint and also we will discuss about tamilprint alternatives if you think it’s doesn’t fulfill your needs.


Tamilprint is one of the leading pirated websites which comes with an enormous collection of movies, short films, web shows, video songs, trailers, and TV shows as well. Speaking about the content you will see on this website is far better in terms of quality and you will love the interface because it’s the fastest and smoothest interface you will ever encounter. As the name clearly defines it’s a Tamil website that lets users to access any Tamil movie effortlessly. Also if we talk about the content categorization, the list is extensive you will easily search your content because of the enormous collection of Tamil movies, shows, and series.


If you love to stream and want to download content for free then for sure you will love this pirated website as it is filled with south movies, whether it is old one or the latest movies all south movies are available and accessible at any time of the day. Listed below are the contents you will notice whenever you visit the tamilprint website.

  • Tamil movies
  • Hollywood movies
  • Malayalam movies
  • OTT HD movies
  • TV shows and series
  • Dubbed movies
  • Tamil songs
  • Tamil video songs
  • Tamil dubbed movies with subtitle

We are sure if you really love south movies then no doubt you will never ever head to another platform for south movies as it comprises of all movies and in fact, you can search your favorite star movies on this platform which is the best feature you can ever see on any pirated website.

But make sure you are here only for south movies, as this site consists of only Tamil content.

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There are various other options available in the market you can go with if you feel the content is lacking or the quality doesn’t match your requirements. Mentioned below are the best tamilprint alternatives you can go with if you want much more stuff from other regions as well.

  • JIO ROCKERS: One of the famous pirated websites know for leaking unauthorized content so that users can view the stuff loaded by operators for free and gives an option to download the content in HD. This website is the best option for those users who madly in love with south movies, this website is packed with south movies and the best thing about this pirated website is that the subtitle option is there so that users won’t face any hardship while viewing any content from any region.


  • TAMILYOGI: Tamilyogi is a public torrent website popular for broadcasting illegal content so that users can easily access the stuff they want to watch without spending money. This free pirated website uploads south movies whether it is Tamil movies, Malayalam movies, or Telugu movies. Also, you can watch other region movies on this website for free as Tamilyogi didn’t charge anything for the content they upload on their website.


  • KICKASS TORRENT: Kickass Torrent website provides a directory for torrent files and magnet links to facilitate peer-to-peer file sharing using the Bit Torrent protocol. It is one of the famous and oldest websites; people have more trust on this website because it doesn’t fails in providing content from any region whether it is Hindi films, English films, or any south films. All these movies are easily accessible and you can stream as well as download the content for free this site didn’t charge anything from their audience plus there is a magnet torrent file or link when tapping will headed to the torrent app page. That makes this website superior than other websites which are known for pirated content.
  • TAMILGUN: This website is one step ahead than other websites because whenever you head to this website you will be amazed by the content collection plus language options is a thing to talk about this famous website. No doubt this website is indulged in broadcasting content which is forbidden by the government, but this website more secure than other pirated website as they didn’t leak the information of users and that’s why audience love this site. Also if we talk about content availability then it comprises of content from various platforms, you can easily see the same content is there which is available on tamilprint and many other pirated websites. That means a massive collection of movies.

So these are some best tamilprint alternatives you can go with, no doubt these are all pirated website but the content available on these sites are massive than paid sites. So make your selection wisely.


In this write up we have discussed about one of the famous pirated website tamilprint which perform better and also some best tamilprint alternatives so that you can select your platform as per you desire if you encounter some lags in tamilprint website it can be any like content missing, quality is no better or audio quality no to the point.

So go through the alternatives for better selection as all these alternatives are well known and running for many years without obstruction.

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