Steps To Choosing The Right Spill Pad For Your Workplace

There are different types of absorbent pads available in the market, and they are suitable for different types of spills. You must select the right one according to your requirements. Only with the right type of pad, you will be able to avoid messes and accidents at your workplace.

There are three different types of spill pads which deal with different liquids, which are oil, chemicals, and water / general tasks. To understand which absorbent spill pad deals with what liquid, they have different colour codes. This would make things much easier for you.

  • The pads to absorb oil are white.
  • Yellow is the colour of chemical-absorbing pads.
  • The ones that are for general purposes or to absorb water are black or grey. They are widely known as maintenance absorbent pads.

The White Absorbent Pads

As mentioned earlier, they are used for absorbing oil. Being made of clever polymers or hydrophobic cotton fibres, they repel liquids. This makes them ideal for lifting oil from different surfaces. Their entire capacity can be used for absorbing the spills, which helps in cleaning the mess. Another benefit of using white pads for absorbing oil is that when it has reached full capacity, its colour changes entirely.

The Yellow Absorbent Pads

These help to absorb all industrial chemicals, including the aggressive ones. The yellow spill pad is designed to soak up all caustic, corrosive chemicals, along with coolants and solvent-based spills. However, it is essential to ensure safety and care while handling or disposing of these pads. Also, due to their chemical composition, their clean-ups might get awkward and potentially hazardous.

The Maintenance Absorbent Pads

They are very versatile and capable of soaking up oils, coolants, or any water or solvent-based liquids. However, they should not be used for caustic or aggressive liquids. Being versatile, they can be used in various industrial environments. Their specific properties make them ideal for bespoke functions, but they can also be used for general purposes.

The Benefits

Investing in these absorbent pads comes with several benefits:

  • They are the most efficient and cost-effective ways of keeping your workplace clean.
  • Keeping in potential leakage areas would give protection against dangerous leaks and spills.
  • You would not have to continually stop working and clean the spillage, which would save a lot of your time.
  • Traditional cleaning methods can be hazardous to your health if you are dealing with aggressive chemicals.
  • The spill pad reduces the chances of accidents that might be caused due to leakages and keeps the surrounding environment safe.

We hope this information would help you to pick up the right absorbent pad according to your requirements. No matter which pad you need, always opt for the high-quality ones for maximum efficiency.