Different uses and styles of parapet walls for making your house look beautiful and larger

The parapet wall has been a very important part of the architecture field for a long time. According to history, parapet walls were used as battlements of walled castles and different cities. This wall design was used as a protective structure to store weapons and cannons of war and against any enemy. 

The decorative parapet wall designs that we see on the buildings today are derived from these battlements. But in today’s age, these wall designs are used as ornamentation. 

However, you will find a lot of advantages of parapet walls mentioned in this blog. Read ahead to understand better. 

Uses of parapet wall designs 

A parapet wall is an extension of a wall from over the roof. The shapely facade that you see over a building is called a parapet wall. This wall design is a low wall that projects from the roof or a terrace. 

  • The original usage of the parapet wall was to protect the house. Now, it is mainly used to make the house appear bigger and beautify its look. 
  • Another usage of the parapet wall is to keep away the moisture from the roof and protects it from collapsing or any further damage. 
  • When there is excessive wind blowing, it creates a lot of pressure on the edges of the roof. This pressure can result in a dramatic collapse of the roof. Parapet wall design helps in reducing the pressure on roof edges. 
  • Parapet wall designs have a waterproof membrane under the mortar bed to avoid the rainwater entering the roof and causing any damage. 
  • It acts like a boundary wall that creates a protected area for the roof. 
  • Similarly, parapet walls are also used as bridges. They prevent the vehicles from falling down the bridge. 
  • Parapet wall designs also help in protecting the interior space of your house. 
  • Blocks the dust particles from settling down on the roof and prevents the pots and plants from falling off. 

So, the above-mentioned points were some of the uses of parapet wall designs. Now, let’s move ahead and see different types of parapet walls. 

Different types of parapet wall designs 

Parapet walls based on their designs – 

  • panelled parapet wall 

They are specifically ornamental walls that have panels and are used to decorate the outer layer of your house. It is a very affordable wall design. Therefore, it is commonly found in most houses. 

  • plain parapet wall 

These two are commonly seen in almost all houses. They are the extension at the edge of your house roof. The main function of a plain parapet wall is to protect the roof of your house. 

  • embattled parapet wall 

This parapet wall design was widely used in olden times for building structures. They have teeth-like structures. Because of their unique design, they are mostly used in architectural building styles. 

  • perforated parapet wall 

Similar to the plain parapet wall design, the perforated parapet wall is an upward extension of the roof. The only difference is that it has beautiful designs made. 

Parapet wall designs according to the shape and functionality 

  • sloped parapet walls

They are wall designs that come with slope and are perfect for sliding off the rainwater. There is also a waterproof membrane that is placed below the parapet wall to provide utmost protection. 

  • stepped parapet walls 

They are mostly used for decorative purposes. They make the building appear larger and taller. 

  • flat parapet walls 

A flat parapet wall is a common wall design. They are plain and are used for the protection of the house roof. 

  • curved parapet walls 

They are also called arched parapet wall designs. They give the building a taller look. 


Parapet wall designs are very common and have been going on for a long time. It is important to consider different factors while constructing a parapet wall. These wall designs are inadvertently connected to the interiors of your house. Therefore, be very careful while building the perfect parapet wall design for your house. 

With so many uses and types of parapet walls, you need to first understand your house well and then decide on the best parapet wall design for your house. Therefore, choose wisely and make your house look perfect and protected.