OSB The Venetian – the primary affordable housing project by the OSB groups


One of the primary real estate businesses in Gurgaon for over years – OSB Groups, is a real estate corporation that is seen for turning in notable projects collectively with residential similar to industrial tasks all over India.  

With the boom within real estate each day at a developing rate and an everyday change in people’s desires, the real estate corporations are citing ideas which can be in all likelihood out of the box to keep up with the desires of the people and improve their lifestyle. Similarly, this real estate institution – OSB Groups has tried to enhance the way of living by turning in low-priced homes and different commercial initiatives in Gurgaon. 

OSB The Venetian – Gurgaon’s low-value venture with first-rate offerings

Similar to the affordable and new launch projects in Gurgaon by this real estate enterprise, OSB The Venetian is said to be one of the most low-priced residential projects that OSB Groups have released. OSB The Venetian masterclass residency fits the global requirements of dwelling and could provide utmost consolation to people. OSB The Venetian is the epitome of perfection to be furnished to the residents who will stay in these towers. 

Located in a bustling and brilliant region, OSB The Venetian is located in Sector 70, Gurugram. There is a gaggle of location benefits also found close to OSB The Venetian. There are many unique competencies of OSB The Venetian by OSB Groups, but, taking into consideration all of them is that it offers an entire 360 view of the Gurgaon Skyline. 

OSB The Venetian by OSB Groups in Gurgaon is divided into 6 excessive high-rise towers. All towers have brilliant comparable functions furnished to the residents and will provide consolation and luxury to people.  

OSB The Venetian – wonderful capabilities   

OSB The Venetian, an upcoming affordable project in Gurgaon, is springing up with an idea to offer comfort further a comfortable lifestyle to its residents. Situated in an extraordinary locality of Sector 70, Gurgaon, OSB The Venetian is the actual definition of a brilliant and much less expensive lifestyle.  

Some exquisite competencies of OSB Groups’ launched mission – OSB The Venetian, that make it the most low priced however lavish assignment within the route of Gurgaon are: 

  • There are plenty of wide inexperienced patches in the society 
  • A swimming pool at OSB The Venetian 
  • a personal lifestyle provided by OSB The Venetian in the house that the residents can revel in 

Some services presented by OSB The Venetian

OSB The Venetian as a venture will serve pretty exquisite offerings or facilities to its people. Comfort and simplicity can be the most vital and the principle concept of OSB The Venetian are to be taken into consideration. 

Here are some brilliant and crucial amenities to be furnished to the citizens of OSB The Venetian by the OSB Groups agency: 

  • The premises of OSB The Venetian are guarded by protection guards all of the time because society follows a 24×7 safety rule.
  • The whole premises of OSB The Venetian is under CCTV surveillance. Anything wrong taking place may be seen on the camera and maybe resolved in time.
  • Everyone in society gets private parking. Every owner can be allocated private parking in OSB The Venetian. If you favour renting a few unique parking places, that too may be finished. 
  • The OSB The Venetian is surrounded by greenery. There are adorable gardens and sitting areas for every person, especially the senior residents. 
  • For everybody who desires to visit the gymnasium, OSB The Venetian gives you a gym and a workout place complete with current-day devices. People searching to do hardcore workouts can do it with all gadgets at OSB The Venetian. 
  • Last, however, not least, there’s a squash court for everybody willing to play squash. The court at OSB The Venetian is easy and is open to all. 


Everyone intends to reside respectfully and with no trouble in the lifestyle of their dream homes. And the answer to your extraordinary way of life is approaching a lower-priced housing mission in Gurgaon called OSB The Venetian by OSB Groups. These towers will provide you with the sort of comfortable way of life you need for your dream home. There are an entire lot of vicinity blessings as well which might be around this project and all of the vital and precise places are just a few kilometres away. Located in an amazing region of Sector 70 in Gurgaon, OSB The Venetian towers are the solution to a steeply-priced and comfortable way of life brought to your doorsteps.