List of Solitaire Card Games: Classic and Variants

Because of the huge popularity of classic solitaire, many people introduce its variants that are now equally famous. The basic idea of these variants is similar to classic solitaire but has some different rules that make the card game interesting. 

In this article, we will discuss the famous solitaire variants and how you can play them. So without spending a moment, let’s dive in. 

Solitaire Classic and Variants

Following are the best variants of solitaire that most people love to play, have a look at them. 

Classic Solitaire

Classic Solitaire is the simplest card game with a winning probability of 80%. It was played before only in casinos but now it is available online and anyone can access it easily. Some versions of classic solitaire use only one color (Black) while some use two colors (Red and Black).

How to Play

The deck of cards is divided into 7 piles diagonally from left to right and the remaining cards form a card stock. The main aim is to place cards into the Foundation from Ace to King. There are four spaces in the foundation for the Ace of each suit.

A player can move cards from one pile to another pile to create sequences in the Tableau from King to Ace. If at any point, a player can not move pile cards, he can use the card stock and complete the sequences to win the game.


The most popular variant of classic solitaire is Klondike and the rules are almost the same. This card game uses two colors (Black and Red). Klondike first appeared during the gold rush in the 19th century and its name is derived from the region of Klondike in Canada.

How to Play

The cards are dealt into 7 piles in the tableau with all cards facing down except the last card in each pile. While the remaining cards are kept in a stockpile. The main objective is to put cards into the foundation area from Ace to King. 

A player can make sequences from King to Ace by moving face-up cards of the piles. But he can only move cards in an alternate color order. For example, if the last card of the pile where you want to move the card is red, the player can only place a black card of lower order and vice versa.


The easiest variant of classic solitaire with 99% winning probability. But it does require some strategic and thoughtful approach.

How to Play

The cards are divided into 7 piles and all are facing forward. Sequences are made from King to Ace with alternate colors. The aim is to build foundations from Ace to King. There are 4 empty spaces on the table to temporarily keep the unwanted cards. A player can only use these empty cell cards to complete the sequences.

Bringing It All Together 

If you are new to card games then start with these games as they are easy to understand and win. They will keep you hooked and kill your boredom. So must try them and explore other variants as well once you master these.