Importance of Sentence Formation

A sentence is a group of words which has a complete meaning. The formation of sentences has been taught to children from childhood but do we actually know what the right sentence is? Do the kids actually understand the formation of a sentence? From a very young age, they have been taught to write sentences on different topics while they are not aware of the types of sentences. Learning sentence formation is essential, but before that, it is essential to learn the types of sentences so that you can differentiate between the tone of the various sentences and not misinterpret the statements.

Sentences are a way of expressing our emotions and thoughts. When a few words are grouped together, which gives meaning is known as a sentence. For example, if I say going, school, was, I, is not a sentence, but if all the words are grouped correctly and placed in the right position, then it makes sense. Therefore, learning the types of sentences will help the children to identify the various types of sentences and to form the various types of sentences. When you are asked to write a letter, an article, an essay, etc., you will have to decide on the topic and then use the various types of sentences depending on the topic.

As you know, there are four kinds of sentences, and almost all the kinds of sentences are used while writing and speaking, depending on the topic you are writing on. The formation of a sentence is not really difficult, but when it is a complex sentence, there is a need for conjunction and interjection. When two or more sentences are joined together to form a single sentence, they are called complex sentences. It is essential to make the children aware of the kinds of sentences and their usage so that they maintain the syntax while writing paragraphs.

When the children grow up, they must be trained well to understand the usage of the types of sentences in various scenarios. For example, you can write assertive sentences and imperative sentences in a research paper or an article, but you cannot use an exclamatory sentence in a research paper. Exclamatory sentence is the type of sentence which can only be used in informal and personal meetings. Learning the formation of sentences is quite helpful as it makes you sound sophisticated and improves your speaking skills. You stay connected with the modern language.


  • I jumped from the bed.
  • I jumped out of my bed.

Both the above sentences are correct and denote the same meaning, but which one sounds better? The second one is the modern way of communication. The formation of sentences can be taught to the children by engaging them in various word games and jumbled sentences so that they utilise their brains and form the right sentence with the proper grammar. The formation of sentences is not only required while writing but also in speaking.

Sentence-combining tasks, when used as a revising approach, assist students in identifying short, choppy sentences in their own work, allowing them to combine their thoughts in more fluid and complex ways. Students learn how the order of phrases and clauses, for example, influences meaning and the impact on their readers as they create more complex sentences from shorter ones.


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