How to Care for Different Types of Bonsai

Bonsai is a Japanese art of growing plants in the dwarfed form of a tree. These tiny trees come in a variety of shapes and types, and each bonsai tree needs specific care. If you are searching for a bonsai plant to give to your friend, you should buy bonsai plants online because they come with instructions and caring tips.

Keep reading and learn about the caring tips for various bonsai trees. However, before this, learn the names of different bonsai plants.

20 types of Bonsai Trees

  1. Ficus Iceland Bonsai
  2. Boxwood Bonsai
  3. Adenium Bonsai
  4. Ficus Plant
  5. Adenium Bonsai
  6. Banyan Tree Plant
  7. Rademacher Bonsai
  8. Buxus Bonsai
  9. Paras Pipal Bonsai
  10. Bargad Bonsai
  11. Ficus S Shape Bonsai
  12. Korean Paper plant
  13. Ficus I Shape Bonsai
  14. Pilkhan Bonsai
  15. Ficus Iceland Bonsai
  16. Carmona S Shape Bonsai
  17. Ficus Starlight Bonsai
  18. Juniper Plant
  19. Imli Bonsai
  20. Pomegranate Bonsai

Tips for Caring Bonsai Tree

Whether you buy bonsai plants onlineor from a local nursery, these tips for caring for five different bonsai trees surely help.

Caring tips for Adenium Bonsai

This plant requires full sun for proper growth, so you should keep it in a bright place. You should water this plant when the soils become completely dry. Use only a well-draining soil mix when growing adenium bonsai. You should use the fertilizer monthly from spring to autumn and avoid applying it in winter. Trim back the long shoots and cut off the brown or damaged parts but keep the beautiful and healthy part of the plant.

Caring tips for Boxwood Bonsai

You can place this plant in a semi-shady position as it doesn’t require much sunlight. You should water the plant when the soil is a little dry. However, avoid overwatering in fall and winter. You should ensure that the soil’s pH value is between 7 to 8. Apply a filter once or twice a month.

Caring tips for Ficus Iceland Bonsai

You can place the vase of the Ficus Iceland Bonsai plant where it receives direct morning sunlight. You can feed this plant with excellent organic liquid fertilizer once every two weeks. You can practice heavy cutting during the spring season and use light trimming for the rest of the season.

Caring tips for Korean Pepper Bonsai

The Korean Pepper Bonsai plant requires the same care as the Adenium Bonsai plant.

Caring tips for Juniper Bonsai

This plant doesn’t require sunlight, so you should keep it away from direct sunlight. You should also avoid overwatering this plant. You can use organic fertilizer once every two months. You should place this bonsai plant in sandy soil.

Caring tips for Imli Bonsai

It is better to provide this plant with four to six hours of sunlight daily. You should wait for watering until the upper 2 inches of soil are dry. You can use any brand of fertilizer for this plant but use it at regular intervals. You can perform heavy root pruning in spring.

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