How Surgery Can Help Change Your Life

Mitral stenosis is a serious condition that might affect the lives of people. If you are diagnosed with the disease, then you must pay a visit to the doctor and get your treatment. Let’s read the blog to find out more about the disease and how surgery might make things better. 

Getting surgeries for mitral stenosis can help a person immensely. It saves his/her life by making things better and eradicating the problem from its essence. 

Moreover, mitral stenosis is a condition in which the mitral valve narrows down. The valve controls the flow of blood from the left atrium to the left ventricle of the heart. 

Ways To Cure The Disease

Might Operate On The Person To Improve The Condition

A person might be treated so that his/her condition improves and feels better. A valve repair surgery might be needed. The doctor might monitor the movement of the valves to look into the matter further. 

In addition to this, various surgical and non-surgical procedures might be needed to cure mitral stenosis.

In the percutaneous balloon mitral valvuloplasty, the doctor uses a balloon that goes inside the body to find the valve. Once located, the balloon is inflated to widen the valve which improves the blood flow. 

After the process, the balloon is deflated and the catheter is removed. 

In the surgical commissurotomy, open-heart surgery is performed to remove calcium deposits and scar tissue to clear the passage of the valve. 

During a mitral valve replacement, the human valve is replaced with a valve made from cow or pig’s heart tissue. Mechanical valves require blood thinners to be taken all through one’s life to lessen the effects of the surgical process.  

Could Prescribe Medicines Or Drugs To A Person During Convalescence

A doctor might prescribe medications to ease the effects of the mitral stenosis surgery and make the person feel at ease. 

Also, diuretics might be needed to reduce fluid build-up in the lungs. Blood thinner could reduce blood clots. The beta blockers and calcium channel blockers might slow down the heart rate to fill the heart effectively. 

The antibiotics might be given to prevent the return of rheumatic fever that has exacerbated the condition. 

To sum it up, mitral stenosis surgery must be conducted after taking permission from the doctor. If the condition deteriorates, then surgery is recommended. The surgical and non-surgical procedures would take a toll on the person’s health and might make him/her prone to weakness and other side effects. An operated person must take a balanced diet and drink lots of water. It is better to never jeopardize one’s health and improve your lifestyle to keep such conditions at bay.