How do I avoid paying baggage fees on Spirit Airlines?

Customers flying on cheap airlines like Spirit should be careful of the cost of baggage. Not even carry-on luggage is included in Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy allowance. In addition, the closer takeoff gets, the more expensive baggage gets. Therefore, purchasing your allowance at the time of your original booking is your best option.

1.Purchase a flight at the terminal.

Although it may sound crazy. If you live close to the airport. This is the cost that is simplest to fully avoid. If you buy online or over the phone. Spirit fees a “Passenger Usage Fee” that ranges from $8.99 to $20.99 per trip. It is viewed as a convenience charge.

Simply go to the airport and purchase your ticket at Spirit’s booking counter to avoid it. Although it requires extra effort and may result in petrol and parking costs, avoiding the fee will save you cash on the ticket.

2.  Never book a seat in advance

This one should be quite clear. Paying for a seat assignment in advance is not necessary if you’re looking to save money.

 You will be charged anything between $1 and $50 under Spirit’s dynamic pricing mechanism for booking any seat in advance of departure.

 You will always pay more if you book a seat online in advance rather than picking one when you reach to the airport.

When you check in, they will simply assign you a seat at random if you don’t pay.

It is discovered that the agent at the gate may be able to transfer you to, say, a vacant exit row seating without charging you more at the check-in counter.

 If you wait to receive your seat allotment at the airport.

Nevertheless, Spirit flights are frequently full, so don’t expect to get on.

This is an easy price to avoid if you don’t mind sitting in the middle of the plane.

3.  Prior to traveling, print your boarding pass.

Don’t go to the ticket desk at the airport to pick up a boarding card when you arrive.

 Every boarding permit that a Spirit worker prints will cost you $10.

Which is an unfair charge to have to pay.

The cost of printing a boarding card at a terminal kiosk is an additional $2. You can print it at home or use an electronic boarding pass when checking in online.

4.  Travel light.

As per Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy, Spirit costs for carry-on baggage that are too large to comfortably fit below the seat in the area in front of you in addition to checked bags.

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One individual item that measures less than 18 x 14 x 8 inches is the only free bag granted to passengers.

An extra charge will apply for any extra bags. You may reduce the bag costs if you can travel light that is truly light.

5.  Pay for the luggage in advance if you are unable to travel light.

Unless they are going on a day trip. Most people find it impossible to reduce their packing to the size of a handbag or small backpack.

Thus, what are some ways to minimize your luggage fees? Make an upfront payment for them.

You can preserve the most money if you pay for your luggage at the time you purchase your flight online.

When booking an online, Spirit charges some amount that is very less.

If you pay fees at the time of check-in it costs little more than before. 


The tips to get the cost reduced in the airlines is stated in the blog. Travelers can get idea how to buy spirit checked bag from the above mentioned tips.