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Entertainment is much needed in an individual’s life whether it’s a sport, ICC T20 World CUP Betting Tips, or music. In today’s busy life teenagers and adults are mostly engaged in their careers and profession to lead an excellent lifestyle. In the old days, television was the core of entertainment and a way to create a unique bond within the family.

But, in such a busy world the television is just a material for the family. An excellent academic career and profession are essential, but entertainment is also a source of releasing stress. But, in the past few years, there are alternatives available for such busy individuals to watch their favorite shows, movies, and sports.

Hotstar Premium APK

Download Hotstar Premium App for android

What are the alternatives to television?

In this 21st century, there is a development in the IT sector and various mobile and desktop applications are available for individuals. There is a craze of different social apps, games, and entertainment applications. There are many applications that are developed and underdeveloped for the users. There are apps such as Hotstar, Netflix, Voot which are the trending apps. Such apps are designed for the live stream of shows and sports matches.

The live streaming is just satisfactory and to improve it’s still under development. There are some free apps, and others comprise with premium memberships. These apps are available for both Android and IOS devices. The most prominent leader in such apps is the Hotstar application which consists of excellent reviews.

A detailed overview of the Hotstar app

The Hotstar app is an online entertainment application that came into existence in February 2015. The Hotstar app was launched under development, and it started improving rapidly. This app is owned by Star India. In the early years, this app was available for Android and IOS, but later it was available for Apple TV and Fire TV. The initial motive of this app was to conduct a live stream of the Cricket World Cup which was held in 2015.

Around 1 million viewers were watching the live stream which is a massive record for any young application. The whole live stream was conducted without any interruption. In later years the Hotstar app started featuring movies and TV serials for all the users free of cost. The 2018 year was the boom for this app because they came in the trending section as a prominent leader in Google Play Store. They are gaining excellent reviews which are helping the developers to extend the content.

There are 17 languages that are supported by this app including the regional shows and movies. Due to the rapid growth and colossal fame Hotstar started a premium subscription service for the benefits of users. The premium subscription was initially started in the United States, but in a few months it expanded in other respective countries.

Due to such a subscription, it is also known as a Hotstar premium app. In India, there is an average of 200 million views for the Indian Premier League (IPL) of the Hotstar app which gives a fierce competition to other competitors. Hotstar was launched in the United States (US), but later it was expanded in the United Kingdom (UK). In the initial start of 2019 Hotstar has declared to have a tough competition with Amazon Prime and Netflix.

What is Hotstar premium subscription?

According to the premium subscription in simpler words, it can be described as ample of exciting content which can be enjoyed just by paying a fee. The English movies and shows are the individual’s choice, and all recent movies and shows come under premium services. An individual can only view just content by paying the premium subscription fee.

The general users can only view the highlights or audio commentary of sports matches. The premium subscription fee is less when compared to the other apps available for the users. Users have to pay INR 999 for a one-year subscription and INR 199 for just a month. Hotstar comprises with a wide range of English shows and movies. The users can also watch the live stream of shows and serials in Hotstar app. The premium subscription of the Hotstar app is cheap when compared to other apps available for the users.

Does Hotstar have any trial period for the users?

The new users who are using the app for the first time can avail of the premium benefits for the first week. If any user has to proceed with the prime benefits can pay the fee according to their choice. The cancellation procedure is also available where the user can cancel this feature and refund will be initiated in 3-4 working days.

How to download Hotstar app on Android and IOS devices?

  • For Android devices
  • Users can open the play store and search for ‘’Hotstar.’’
  • The Hotstar app will appear for downloading it.
  • Once the installation procedure is done, users can enjoy it.
  • For IOS devices
  • iPhone users have to open their app store and type ‘’Hotstar’’ in the search bar.
  • Once the downloading and installation are done users have to open the application.
  • The Hotstar is only compatible with devices that support IOS 9.0 and above.

Final tips for the Hotstar app

It is expected that Hotstar will take an edge over Netflix and Amazon prime video soon in upcoming years. Users who are interested should know that currently, Hotstar premium subscription is only available on Android and IOS devices. Devices such as Fire TV stick, Apple TV, and Android TV also support this app.

It is advised that users should check the compatibility of their devices before using Hotstar app. There are rumors that Hotstar will soon launch some exciting TV apps for its users to expand its content. Users should always download this app from the official Google Play Store or App Store rather than invalid apps available from other providers.

During any payment or usage of service, a crosscheck is always required for a safe purchase. The cracked and MOD applications available on the internet are not authentic, and any purchase from such apps will not be entertained.

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