Five Best Real Estate Companies in Kenya for Residential Plots


Over the past few decades, many Kenyans in the country and those in diaspora have been using real estate companies to invest in real estate especially for residential purpose here in Kenya. If you have been wondering which of this companies are the best and most trusted, then I think you are in the right place to learn by yourself.

In this article, we are going to discuss what we consider as among the top five real estate companies to own plots for residential purposes especially in Nairobi Metropolitan and Nakuru. When we talk about Nairobi metros, also Machakos county, Kiambucounty, Kajiado county will fall in this category.

Real Estate Companies in Kenya have helped many people avoid losing money and properties. In addition, through real estate, many people have found perfect investment opportunities for their future.

  1. Username investment limited

Username is the leading and fastest growing real estate company in Kenya especially in selling out plots for residential purpose.  The company is well- known for its affordable prime plots near urban areas in Kenya. The agency has been in operation for the last nine years settling both Kenya residents and Diaspora clients. This company has the best customer service experience as shown by statistics through feedback given by clients who have invested in them.

            Why is it advisable to invest in Username Investment Limited?

  • Their prices are very affordable starting from Kshs. 199,000 only.
  • Prices are inclusive of title processing fees and legal fees, no hidden charges.
  • Title deed delivery – we do all the paperwork for you and deliver title deeds within 6 – 12 months upon completion of payment.
  • They offer a flexible installment payment plan of up to 12 months.
  • When you invest with Username, you are assured of reaping capital gains. They have a research team that identifies places with high potential for growth near upcoming infrastructural developments such as highways, bypasses, railways, airports and cities.
  • Its properties are value-added —ensures they have a perimeter fence, estate gate, internal access roads graded, water / borehole and electricity installed making your property ready for immediate development.
  • With over 9,000title deeds issued, you are assured that you are working with a trusted real estate investment partner.
  • Gakuyo Real Estate

This company targets investors who are interested in agribusiness. With Gakuyo real estate Company, you get a double benefit for your investment. Once you purchase property, the company sets up an agribusiness project for you.

  • Homescope Properties Limited

Homescope properties is a building consultant and developer. For over nine years, the company has been handling the development o complex projects to completion.

  • Dinara Developers

Dinara developers have become one of the biggest reliable and affordable housing providers. After purchasing large tracks of land, Dinara developers subdivide the landinto smaller plots then sell them.The plots undergo a series of value-added processes such as water and power installation before being sold out to customers.

  • Lloyd Masika

This is the leading registered valuation and Estate agency firm. The company provides services to clients in Kenya. Lloyd Masika was established in 1979 and has grown tremendously in providing services to clients.

The above companies are doing a great job of helping people acquire properties at affordable prices. They are places to go and get property from and buy for investment purposes or as your first home