Fear & Hunger Review

Fate itself has brought you to this place. The fog blocked the road back. You try to look around, but, as if sensing your presence, some ominous force has unleashed whole packs of ruthless dogs on you, tirelessly following your trail. All paths to salvation were cut off. It remains only to go down into the depths of the dungeon, which used to be the prison of the great country of Rondon.

The deeper you go in Best grenade spots dust 2, the more unnatural hunger makes itself felt. One gets the impression that it cannot be quenched in the usual ways. The darkness is so thick that you can touch it with your hands. As if this is a cruel creature, alien to our understanding. It slowly drives you crazy and changes those who fall into it. This is how the local guards were changed. Now they are mindlessly trudging through the damp corridors, attacking anyone who gets in their way. And they will not stop, even if they are deprived of several limbs.

Time is no longer valid. Throughout the dungeon, passages to other worlds were opened. They are inhabited by unnatural creatures, the very existence of which can exist with great sin. Their eyes are cold, every part of the body exists to bring pain, rip off skin, rip off limbs. The motives of the creatures are foreign to our understanding. In the caves, you can find creatures that existed long before humans. For them, people are only an attractive victim for dark rituals. And in secluded corners, cultists have forgotten themselves in endless orgies, glorifying the Old Gods with pleasure and pain.

It is difficult to follow the direction in the madness that is going on The prison is replaced by caves, red halls, whose walls are covered with the flesh of unfortunate victims, the city of Old Bods. And all these places are fraught with a deadly threat.

This is the only place where the Old Gods remained. Most of the gods became disillusioned with humanity and left this world one by one. Can we win the favor of those left behind? Or will you have to fight on your own, without divine help?


Fear & Hunger has a limb attack system. If the enemy is holding a weapon in his hand, then it can be chopped off, reducing the number of actions available to him. Damage his legs, throwing off balance, and as a result, it becomes easier to hit on the head. For each enemy, you can choose a convenient strategy to slowly destroy in parts.

True, this system works on our hero. We cannot use weapons without hands. Without legs, we begin to crawl. If we are deprived of our eyes, the entire screen will turn black. And recovering lost limbs is not easy at all. Infected hands and feet can be cut off with a saw. Slow and painful.

Like Darkest Dungeon, heroes have hunger and intelligence gauges. Mind is spent on using special skills, and hunger is satisfied with food or by devouring bodies. If the character gets hungry, then his attack will weaken and he can begin to crawl, not having the strength to walk. Without reason, nothing good will happen either.

The difference is that, unlike Darkest Dungeon, we have no way to use another group of heroes, allowing the previous one to rest in relative safety.

The game has the usual negative effects in the form of poisoning, burning and bleeding. But there is also an opportunity to catch the disease, so it is better to stock up on medicinal herbs. Eat stale food and pick up worms. Then you will whip the anthelmintic. Yes, we will have to fight and run away from monsters, but at any moment we can stumble upon a rusty nail, which will lead to a stupid and inglorious death.

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Role-playing game

Randomness … The one that infuriates most RPGs. Even the most familiar enemy can destroy the entire group if the gods of randomness decide so. Therefore, the most adequate strategy can be considered an escape from enemies. Especially considering that killing them in F95Zone gaming platform gives us neither experience nor resources.

From time to time we toss a lucky coin. It gives us a 50% chance of success for dodging a deadly attack, finding a valuable item and the banal opportunity to sleep in bed just to save (or maybe not wake up).

The game possibilities are almost endless. You can tear flags and blankets into rags, set traps and attack out of combat, blow up rubble, pray to the gods, skin corpses, have sex with them, make sacrifices, participate in orgies, eat the dead, write notes.

The adventurer’s problem is that this world is strange and does not always work according to the usual laws. Therefore, you often have to bang your head against the wall until you get the desired result. We get some instructions from books, but getting them often depends on the cursed coin.

Initially, there are four heroes to choose from: a mercenary, a knight, a priest of darkness and a barbarian. Their past affects their starting abilities and equipment. In addition to this and different endings, they differ little from each other in characteristics. Most of the abilities can be learned by collecting souls from the dead and using them in a special place.

After choosing the protagonist, the other three heroes can be found in the game, after which you can persuade them to join. But it’s better not to rush, because there are other satellites, and there are only four places in the group.

The main difficulty lies in the strangeness of survival in this world, to which you have to get used to. As in Resident Evil , the lives of some characters are on the counter, so you have to rush, make mistakes in the process, die and start over.

The game has many endings available at different difficulty levels. Those who like to play the game completely will have to suffer over and over again. Fortunately, at the end we get access to an additional mode that allows you to relax a little.


The game is very beautiful. Character portraits, plot scenes, images of violence, monsters. All this is detailed, at times, to an uncomfortable level. The visual style is reminiscent of Blasphemous , but not too inferior in quality. MiroHaverinen (the creator of the game HuniePop 2) has achieved extremely impressive results.

Very good for the nerves. Something squishes underfoot, monsters roar terribly, cutting off limbs with a saw gives an indescribable experience, tk. everything happens slowly and relish. And the most common sounds are on top.

The music gives the impression of being played on out-of-tune instruments. It is sharp, intermittent, interspersed with howls.

The game has been inspired by many universes. Whether it’s weapons from Soulcalibur , elements from Silent Hill, ¬†or the Souls series . Lovecraft’s pantheon of gods. A variety of legends and tales borrowed from different peoples. Universe Berserk.

What is most surprising, having added so many references, the creator managed to turn them into a holistic world, and they feel there in their place. This requires incredible talent. Especially when you consider that Fear & Hunger was created on the RPG Maker engine. You can, it turns out, and such from him.


Fear & Hunger is a unique game. She is cruel and ruthless, but beautiful at the same time. It reveals many topics that are taboo in society. And the player can play any role. Whether it’s a relatively noble hero or a git who sacrifices children. More variability will allow you to return to the game again and again.


  • Violent (even too much) role-playing game Shadow Blade 5e
  • Interesting combat system
  • Variability of passage
  • Expressive (even too much) visual style
  • Eerie atmosphere


  • The god of randomness determines your destiny

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