5 Event Marketing Examples to Inspire Your Campaign


What is the importance of event marketing? In the United States, an expenditure made on experiential marketing or event marketing in a services company is $108 billion, and this professional services company is the world’s second-largest company in that field. It is important to know that some organizations have given a lot of importance to the events and these are basically 90 % of non-profit organizations.  

How Will You Define Event Marketing?

If you want to connect to your target audience, new prospects, or existing clients then you can do it via event marketing. Any firm can get event marketing benefits and it doesn’t matter whether it is too small or too large.

Several successful events were hosted by some huge industries like Apple, CNET, Google, and Oracle in 2021. You can display your skills at the events. Now I am going to describe 5 event marketing examples to inspire you.

1. Conferences Of Users

Any industry can host an attractive conference. You can use an industry-related theme in networking events. Now let us discuss the tactics of event marketing followed by Oracle.

In its course of action, it included the donations by guests, and in the tech space, reducing the carbon footprints was also included in its lessons.

Whatever you preach in the event needs to be practiced by you. If the wastage of a lot of energy, paper, and food had been done by Oracle then what would have the possibility for the event to be successful? There would be no possibility like that. It is also necessary to discuss the business with your clients during the event.

2. Shopping Through Pop-Ups

The use of pop-ups has gained a lot of popularity. In 2017, a pop-up bar was launched by New York City’s iconic dining venue and its name was Rainbow Room. The attendees were provided roses, drinks, and snacks there.

Before buying, the users were allowed to try making use of the pop-up. By doing this their sales can increase a lot. On their menu, they also included rose sorbet, cotton candy, and pink peppercorn topped oysters.   

3. Events Related to Networking

If you think that only a particular industry can host networking events, then you are wrong. You can go beyond your local area and host a networking event. It is possible to leave a good impression in an event if you do handshaking and have good looks.

Around 72 % of people believe this. If you run a business related to food then it will be good for you to identify the individuals having common interests and make a networking hub for them. Couple’s night, tech talk, and a book club per week are some examples.

4. Giving Invitations for Lunch

If you want that the people important to your business should remember you always, then arrange a lunch party and send invitations to donors, potential clients, and customers. For engaging the users of your business, it will be good if you invite them for lunch. In this way, the customers’ faith in you will increase and they will also make their loved ones purchase from your business.

5. Events Related to The Community

It has been found that before shopping, an online local business is searched by 97 % of consumers. You can host a game night, a cook-off for the community, or a movie night at the company. Identify the interests of your target market. Get information about your community by doing a quick survey.