Evening Desert Safari


Dubai may be known among tourists for its astounding infrastructure and skyscrapers, but it all comes down to the beautiful beaches and sand dunes in Dubai that make your trip really memorable.

Such is the case of one of the most popular adventures in Dubai, is; the Dubai desert safari. Where you don’t only get the best of nature, but you get the best of all elements there.

From having thrilling fun to doing things you have never tried before. A trip that consists of you having the best time ever! From a breathtaking view of the sunset with cool winds blowing across the evening as you ride along the desert on a camel to activities like the fire show alongside a delicious barbecue! I mean what else could a person ask for!? Enough beating around the bush, how about we take a look over a few things at desert safari Dubai that will really make your trip worthwhile!

Exciting activities at Desert Safari!

  • Sand ski or as many people call it; sandboarding is just one of the many things you need to try when you are on a trip to Dubai desert safari. As you ski from the top of sand dunes on a ski board, you do not have to worry about injuring yourself because the velvety sand there, is always there to save you! Drive through the desert on Al Awir Road!
  • Camel trek just might be the activity for you! Ride away on your camels, alongside the beautiful view of a sunset. What a sight, truly.
  • Who says you’re too old for quad bikes? Enjoy the quad bikes just outside your camps, and enjoy the scenery while riding your dune buggies or as you’d like to say; dune bashing. With your safety gear on of course!
  • I think everyone might agree with the fact that horse riding feels pretty awesome, and that feeling isn’t far away from you! Book your Dubai Desert Safari trip now, and start planning that horse riding session this instant!
  • Try on traditional costumes like the Arabian Dishdasha and Abayas for women at Desert Safari Dubai and learn more about the rich culture of Dubai while taking some pretty aesthetic shots in them as well, I would say, the gram has never looked better!
  • Kids interested in the art of Henna can also engage themselves in camp activities like henna painting/henna tattooing.
  • Get a chance to take a picture with the fastest bird on the face of the earth, a falcon! Falcon photography might give you the adrenaline rush you may be looking for!

After having a thrilling adventure of these activities above, you might want to chill out for a bit. Don’t you worry, we got you covered! Sit back and enjoy the show as you get to see some things you have never seen live before!

Shows at Dubai Desert Safari!

  • Fire show here at Desert Safari Dubai might just flame your head away! Don’t worry, we don’t mean it literally. With fire coming out of the mouth of fire breathers, and dancers. You might want to take a look at this! I mean, it’s not something you get to see pretty often. Enjoy taking a look at the art of manipulating fire as the fire dancers perform their astonishing skills!
  • Get on to the tunes of Arabic songs, as the dancer spins themselves and their skirts to Arabic songs and poetry.
  • The dancing, does not stop here my friend. Belly dancing might be something you’ve heard of but watching belly dancing here in Dubai desert safari, amidst the desert at night is an opportunity you do not want to pass on!

One might think, staying in the desert for that long? Might get uncomfortable… but the arrangements here at Desert Safari Dubai will make you feel at home!

Comfort First!

  • With the thrilling activities, you may want to rest out for a bit before going back out there for more fun activities. The sitting area here can solve all your problems! Make yourself comfortable with pillows and cushions on carpets as you charge yourself for more thrilling adventures!
  • Shisha or as many people call it hubble bubble is present here to bubble your worries away!
  • Enjoy their famous Arabic coffee also known as, gahwa with fresh dates!

Enough about the activities, let’s get real now. The most important part of every trip ever is the food! After a person is truly exhausted, all they look for and think about is food. The activities here can really make you crave a delicious meal but what’s there to worry about? We have got them covered as well!

Feast your heart out at Dubai Desert Safari!

  • The live bar here at desert safari Dubai is definitely going to satisfy all your cravings! From fresh fruits to a live grill for barbecue at the Bedouin camp, this lively bar is most certainly making our lives better already!
  • The Buffet options for dinner will make your heart glow surely! From non-vegetarian to vegetarian, this buffet will not disappoint anyone, and the barbecue is to die for!From fresh salads to tender meat, there is nothing you won’t find here!
  • Who can ever have enough soft drinks especially when they are unlimited for you!
  • With the options of more beverages like tea, coffee, and water, you will absolutely love it here because one can never have enough tea/coffee!

I know that you’re tempted to book your trip to Desert Safari Dubai after learning all about the attractions there, but you may get flustered thinking about the procedure of going there, and if you have the budget for it. Sit back and relax because we have got your back! Let’s take a look at some Desert Safari Packages that can help seal the deal for you!

Desert Safari Offers!

  • The charges on Desert Safari deals can really shock you, but in a good way. Enjoy dune bashing, camel ride photography, barbecue buffet, henna painting, carpet sitting area, and unlimited soft drink and water facilities at just AED 95 per head! Can the deals get any better than this?
  • However, anyone seeking thrilling adventures can always add the activities to their cart, or buy the whole package which includes; pick and drop from your hotel in an air-conditioned vehicle. And after you reach your destination, get onto an SUV and start your trip there! You can do many activities like sand dune bashing,sand boarding/sand skiing, landscape photography, camp activities like henna painting/tattooing, camel rides, belling dancing, Tanura show, and fire show at the desert camps and a lively bar and barbecue before dropping you off back to your hotel for your comfort and ease. All of this at a price ranging from AED 165 to AED 230.
  • For people on a budget, this package might have it all for you! Enjoy dune bashing, short camel ride,sand boarding, evening snacks, hookah, buffet, and live shows at just the price of AED  89 per head!

For fun within a budget, there’s no other trip like a trip to Evening Desert Safari in Dubai. So we’d say don’t miss your window, and book the earliest slot for an evening of fun!