Concepts of a good mentoring


Mentoring is one of the most necessary life coaching concepts to grasp. In addition to creating added value for your brand in the marketplace, mentoring helps you expand and connect with others.

Career mentoring is a great way to support the growth, development, and advancement of careers, share your knowledge, skills, and experience, and even expand your network. But what exactly do you need to do to be a good and successful mentor? Well, here we list a bunch of mentoring activities and concepts that will take you to the next level:

Define Goals:

Identify the career goals you have set for yourself in the Life Coaching world. The mentor’s goals must align with the goals of the company they represent.

A mentor is there to share their wisdom, mistakes, and successes, therefore, you can learn lessons faster. Along with their insights, expertise, and knowledge of business issues, mentors, as long-established business people, are more likely to possess a wide network of great they can give you access to. Think of all the senior decision-makers you might have access to.

Concepts a mentoring platform should have:

Create a Mentored Action Plan

Create a structured action plan where you can see tangible improvements. Consider possible career mentoring activities with your instructor. Once you do the research and put in the time. It is imperative to know exactly what your mentoring platform’s job is and how you can help them.

Sow seeds for your mentor’s growth

Just as a farmer must fertilize at the right time and weed at other times, you must strike a dynamic balance between supporting and challenging your mentor. Supporting your mentor will include providing information, feedback on their progress, emotional support, and advocacy as needed.

Challenging your mentor will encourage them to consistently set and maintain high standards of practice, encourage the risk-taking, needed to explore innovative and creative ideas, and help them develop.

Develop skills that allow mentors to think more strategically

Many good professionals follow instructions and apply predefined methods or standards to accomplish tasks. But driving a car is a process to realize one’s full potential. Effective strategic thinking is an integral part of getting from A to B higher in a profession. It’s an essential part of being a certified trainer. As a mentoring platform, you can model strategic thinking methods, demonstrating how your mentor can work towards a more strategic view of events and circumstances.

Improve Your Listening

As a generous and dedicated and professional mentoring platform, you will be interested in getting started and supporting your godchild. However, you must resist the urge to act and make decisions for your mentor and must instead do the difficult task of listening. Stop, focus and listen. Avoid bringing the frenzy of daily work into the time you share with your instructor. Some mentees may need time to reflect and form ideas.

 Other mentors can grow through active and rapid communication. Each mentee will be unique. Do your best to ask probing questions and sit down to hear the thoughts of a creative, talented, and capable junior colleague who lights up the room.

Polish the job

Invite your mentor to client meetings and provide immediate training to smooth out any rough patches. It will help you both. You will understand the types of skills it lacks and the vital aspects you need to work on. This will make your relationship better and provide a fun mentoring platform to work in.

Share your life journey

There have been many ups and downs in your professional career that you may have experienced. Also, invite your mentor to share their career story. This will create a deeper bond and understanding between the two of you.

Discuss interpersonal skills

Discuss all kinds of problems your mentees are facing that are preventing them from reaching their true potential. Also try to gauge what kind of actual knowledge they already have, which will tell you how insightful you are. This will ensure a smooth foundation for the mentoring platform.

Share your network

In Today’s world of group science answering complex questions requires working with multiple collaborators both inside and outside your organization. Developing a professional network takes time and years of practice, but you can speed up the process for your mentor with referrals.

Close the Loop

Prepare in advance for the end of your mentoring loop. Record all the lessons learned and finally what remains to be done.

When it comes to choosing a mentor for your business, you don’t want to compromise on the quality. There are several sources in the world, that can provide the kind of mentoring platform you are looking to work with.

You can find the right mentor for your business at:

  • Your workplace
  • Networking sites
  • Social media
  • Online mentoring platform

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  • Family members