Combine Multiple PDF Files the Easy Way

If you are a constant user of PDF, you will indeed find PDF tools helpful. It helps you manage your PDF files quickly and efficiently. The most used PDF tool is the PDF converter, next is the Merge PDF tool. A great online tool that offers tools to help you with PDF-related tasks is PDFBear. The steps to merge PDF using PDFBear are easy to follow and are straightforward. You can manage your PDF files well and have an organized device. Learning how to merge PDF with PDFBear will increase your productivity.

Two Ways to Combine PDF

There are two types of software that you can use to combine your files. You can either use an online or an offline program. To merge your PDF without using the internet, you have to install the software on your phone or computer. There is a lot of software available online; some are free while others have a subscription fee. The merge PDF tools mainly come with the PDF reader. You can download the installer and run it on your device.

Make sure that what you have chosen is compatible with your device’s operating system. It is also important to note that offline PDF tools use a portion of your local disk memory. Another way to merge your files is by using online tools. Online tools don’t require installation. They have a website that you can visit to combine your files. You need to have an internet connection and an internet browser. Since it is a web-based browser, you can access it anywhere. You can perform the tasks you need to do as long as you have the files with you.

If your files are on your device, you need to upload them online. Whether you choose offline or online software depends on your needs and preferences. Both have advantages and disadvantages, what matter is it serves its purpose well. If you realize that an online tool can cater to your needs better, PDFBear is the PDF platform you can use for free.

Steps to Merge PDF with PDFBear

Merging PDF files with PDFBear is simple. It only takes four steps.

  1. Upload your file to the PDFBear server. Click on the Select files button, or you may drag and drop your files. You can also use the files you have stored in your Dropbox.
  2. Wait while PDFBear is merging your files.
  3. You may modify your PDF before saving it. When done, click on the Combine or Merge PDF button.
  4. Your files are ready for download, or you can share them to Dropbox or Google Drive.

Why Should You Combine Your PDF Files?

Organized Files

Combining related PDF files helps you to have an organized device. You can create a folder and place all your files, but having one file is better. Merging files associated with each other makes it easier to search through them. It saves you time when looking for files. You also avoid the hassle of working with many files, especially in emails.

Easy file sharing

One of the efficient ways to share files is through email or social media messaging applications. It is easier to send just one file in your email. It takes time to download multiple files.

Avoid Errors

If you are scanning many images or pictures and want to combine them into one file, you need to save the file when you reach a specific number of pages to avoid starting from scratch. If you have finalized each one, you can use the Merge PDF tool to combine your files. It is also faster to create changes in a file that has fewer pages than the long ones. So before combining everything, make sure that it is free from errors and review it well.

Fast Printing

It saves you time only to command your computer to print your files one time than opening and printing multiple ones. You only need to wait while your files are printing everything.

Saves Device Space. Having organized file management in your device helps you save space. After merging your PDF, you can also compress it to have a smaller size to lessen the device memory that it will take.

Final Thoughts

To combine your PDF files, you can choose between online and offline software. Both have their advantages and downside. Select what will give you more benefits. If online is your choice, you can use PDFBear for free. Their Merge PDF tool is simple and easy to use. Just follow the instructions, and your files will be ready in a minute or two. It is worthwhile to learn how to combine multiple PDF files as it gives you many benefits. Even though PDFBear is an online tool, you can have the peace of mind that your files will be safe. During the uploading and downloading of the files, they protect them with SSL encryption.

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