Most people are accustomed to using electronic documents in their daily activities. We use electronic documents in sharing the most crucial document online like contracts, school works, and many more. We love to use electronic documents because of the multiple advantages that come with them.

However, when using electronic documents, it is unavoidable that we need to change certain things about its final output. Hence, why we need a third-party tool like GoGoPDF to help us navigate through our electronic documents and make satisfactory changes. This article will discuss the tools you can use to view and edit your PDF files.

Delete PDF Pages From PDF

The first one on our list is deleting PDF pages from your PDF file. PDF is well known to be a file format that is difficult to edit out because of its distinct feature in its security. Deleting pages from your PDF file has been one of the most troublesome experiences you might encounter if you don’t have the right knowledge and tools on how to delete pages from your PDF file.

To delete pages from PDF files, you will need a third-party tool like GoGoPDF to help you delete pages from your PDF file. When using GoGoPDF, it will allow you to use a tool on their website without the need of signing up for an account or downloading a tool. All of the transactions about your PDF file will be handled on their website.

Now you already have a tool to delete PDF pages from your PDF file; you will need to be knowledgeable on how to use this tool to your advantage. If it is your first time, you don’t have to worry because GoGoPDF is happy to inform you that a step by step instruction will be given to guide you to your first experience in deleting PDF pages from your PDF file. Here is an example of the detailed process of deleting pages from your PDF file.

  • Upload the PDF file with the pages that you want to delete. You can select your PDF file from your computer or drag and drop the file into the toolbox to upload your PDF file.
  • Once your PDF file is uploaded and recognized by GoGoPDF, you can now start selecting the pages you want to remove from the original PDF file.
  • If everything is already to your satisfaction, you can now start saving the changes you made from your original PDF file.
  • If you are done with the previous steps, a download button will be given to you. You can now download the newly transformed PDF file into your device storage.

PDF Reader

As we have discussed, most people are accustomed to using an electronic document in the most critical online transactions; It is also a must to have a PDF reader to help you navigate your PDF file. When using the PDF reader tool of GoGoPDF, it will allow you not only to navigate through your PDF file but to share and print your PDF files with convenience.

You can now Read, View, Share, and Print your PDF file by just using a single tool online. Another advantage when using this kind of tool for your PDF file is it allows you to flip or rotate specific pages that are viewed in landscape and change them into the portrait. Having a tool like this will lessen your troubles when reading a particular PDF file.

If you have poor eyesight, you don’t have to worry anymore because you can also zoom in on every page as much as you want. This is usually recommended when viewing a graph or images in a PDF file. You can also use the numbering system to avoid getting lost while reading your PDF file. This will help you have a well-guided reading experience. All of these functions are available when using the tool PDF Reader of GoGoPDF.

Edit PDF

Editing a PDF is one of the most irritating and inconvenient experiences when you don’t have the right tool to use. Hence, the reason for GoGoPDf to help you with the specific changes you want in your PDF file. You can now add or remove images, text, numbers, etc., depending on your satisfaction when using the tool of GoGoPDF.

As most of the individuals who use electronic documents daily, you will also need a PDF file tool that allows you to edit PDF files anytime and anywhere. This is one of the best advantages you can have when using GoGoPDF, as you can now edit your PDF files anytime and anywhere.


Viewing and Editing your PDF file anytime and anywhere should be of utmost priority in your electronic documents. These are the primary tools you will need in your electronic documents. Take advantage of these tools for your everyday use to make your life at ease.

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