5 Unique things to do in Oranjestad


Are you traveling to Oranjestad? Then, here are a few unique things to do in the city which is also called Aruba. Being also known as “One Happy Island” for plenty of reasons, this city with Caribbean nation houses a veritable array of pleasure-inducing experiences. If you are a tropical traveller, you must plan a trip here. Above all, you will get the nation’s diverse geography with a plethora of landscapes.

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The City Streets

Everyone loves indoor attractions however, the city of Oranjestad offers Aruba which is known for its attractive, colourful architecture. Come to this site which is more seeming than in the nation’s capital. You can find this place is highly recommended to catch simply saunter outside. The city streets in Oranjestad offer a vibrant lifestyle to enjoy, go strolling here, or have fun eating at roadside eateries!

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The National Archaeological Museum

The National Archaeological Museum in Oranjestad makes you travel more than just the structure styles and designs. One can find throughout Aruba, a photogenic place. Above all, the museum here offers shelter to the history of the first humans to reach Aruba, dating back to 2500 B.C. this site is best to explore and watch out for the exhibits it houses. Here, you can locate objects from the first Amerindians from Central and South America. However, this museum also houses displays from the Caqueito habitation, which finished in 1515 when the island was occupied by Spain!

Arikok National Park

If you are speaking of knowledge all about Aruban history, one can visit this park, especially during the afternoon. Spend a full-day journey to witness living history and the leftovers of the past. One of the best sites to visit in Oranjestad is the Arikok National Park in Santa Cruz. Therefore, the Arikok is remarkable and is operative as a haven for wildlife and the nation’s aboriginal flora and fauna. Here, adore 20 percent of the entire island with the stunning park. Admire the preservative historic artwork and artifacts.¬†

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Bini Festival at Fort Zoutman

The Fort Zoutman Historical Museum in Oranjestad is established in Oranjestad oldest standing building. Find out the museum that is a friendly point for companies. Above all, there is a weekly Bon Bini Festival held each Tuesday from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. get passes to get a coincidental to learn more approximately Aruba’s past through its legends and music. Above all, you can get the opportunity to engage fully with the city’s vibrant contemporary community. Also, the word Bon Bini means “welcome,” in the local Papiamento language.

Butterfly Farm

One of the best things to do in Oranjestad is to visit the Butterfly Farm which is a beloved institution. You would for sure enjoy seeing such delicate creatures up close.

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